Can you drive through Guanella Pass?

Can you drive through Guanella Pass?

The pass is open year-round, weather permitting. It does close in the winter sometimes. The 22-mile, 2WD route takes about an hour and is fine for all cars. From downtown Georgetown, take Co Rd 381/Guanella Pass Road out of either the historic district or in ‘downtown’ Grant on Highway 285.

Is Guanella Pass closed?

Guanella Pass Road is seasonally closed on or about Nov. 26, and reopens on Memorial Day weekend at Naylor Lake on the Clear Creek County side and Burning Bear Campground on the Park County side.

Is the road over Guanella Pass paved?

The paved road leads you over 11,669-foot Guanella Pass with its spectacular views of Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt. This road, while a detour from Hwy. 285, provides a perfect snapshot of the Rocky Mountain ecosystem in only 22 short miles.

Is Guanella Pass busy?

Guanella Pass Scenic and Historic Byway typically opens the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and remains open through late November, weather permitting. In summer months it is best to visit during the week and early in the day as weekends and afternoons can be over crowded.

How long does it take to drive over Guanella Pass?

about an hour
One of the best scenic byways to explore is Colorado’s Guanella Pass. This byway is just long enough to weave into a day trip. It’s about 22 miles long and takes about an hour to drive, although you may want to block out extra time to stop, take photos and explore the region it passes through.

Is Guanella Pass Road open today?

Area Status: Closed Explore Colorado’s flora and fauna at its best. Start your tour at the historic silver mining town of Georgetown.

Is Guanella Pass road open today?

What is the elevation for Guanella Pass?

11,670′Guanella Pass / Elevation

Is Guanella Pass in national forest?

The Guanella Pass Scenic Byway, can be accessed from either Grant or Georgetown. The south side of the Byway is located on the Pike National Forest/South Platte Ranger District and provides access to several hiking trails: Geneva Creek Trail (#697), Whiteside Trail (#697.

What National Park is Guanella Pass in?

Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest
Located at an elevation of 10,900 feet on the Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest, visitors to the campground can also enjoy hiking and fishing in the area. The Guanella Pass Scenic and Historic Byway follows an old wagon route that linked the mining towns of Georgetown and Grant, Colorado.

Can you hike Guanella Pass?

The Guanella Pass Trailhead is located on the Gunaella Pass Road and offers a variety of summer and winter activities. This trail provides access to the South Park Trail, the Rosalie Trail, and the Mount Bierstadt Trail (#711).

Are dogs allowed at Guanella Pass?

The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash. There is a winter lot located at the Guanella Pass Road and Naylor Lake Road intersection.

What forest is Guanella Pass in?

Can you have a campfire in Guanella Pass?

Guanella Pass Road (Clear Creek County Road 381): No camping, or campfires and use after sundown and before sunrise allowed within ¼ mile of the centerline of the Guanella Pass Scenic and Historic Byway from Georgetown to the summit of Guanella Pass.

How high is Guanella Pass?

Is Guanella Pass a valley?

The pass provides a route between Georgetown in the valley of Clear Creek to the north and Grant in the valley of Geneva Creek, a tributary of the North Fork South Platte River, to the south. The pass is traversed by the Guanella Pass Scenic Byway….

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