Can you camp anywhere in Tonto National Forest?

Can you camp anywhere in Tonto National Forest?

There are many different places of interest within Tonto National Forest, so you must plan your trip properly if you do not want to miss any of them. You can easily camp for free in many parts of the Tonto National Forest, once you know where those areas are located.

Are the trails in Tonto National Forest open?

All National Forest System lands, roads and trails within the boundary described and mapped in the closure order 03-04-22-05 are closed for public safety due to recent fire activities in the restricted area.

Do I need a pass to hike in Tonto National Forest?

Forest Parking Pass: A $20 Parking Pass is available and valid at the facilities listed below where a parking fee is required. This Pass is valid for one year from purchase date. Facilities include: Eagle Falls and Pyramid Creek trailheads, and Dru Barner Day Use Area year -round (as long as the facility is open).

Is Tonto National Forest worth visiting?

If you enjoy an adventure that takes you off the beaten path, a trip to Tonto National Forest is surely worth it. There are excellent hikes to trek, wildlife to see, and views to take in.

Do you need a permit to camp in Tonto National Forest?

Passes and Permits Purchase of passes or permits is not required for boondocking (dispersed camping) inside Tonto National Forest. Developed campgrounds, however, may require per-night fees, depending on the campground.

Is dispersed camping allowed in Arizona?

Dispersed camping is allowed anywhere on BLM land with no permit or fees. Designated BLM campsites are also available. They are generally busy, and vacancies can vary. There are many BLM recreation areas around the state.

How long of a hike is Tonto National Monument?

0.5 mile
The Lower Cliff Dwelling is open year-round. It is a steep 0.5 mile walk uphill on a paved path. When you arrive, check in at the Visitor Center.

Why is Butcher Jones closed?

The Tonto National Forest is among the areas closed to visitors because of extreme fire danger. Update: Butcher Jones Recreation site, which offers the public access to Lake Saguaro off of Bush Highway in the form of a beach area, picnic facilities and hiking trails is temporarily closed.

Can you use America the Beautiful pass at Tonto National Forest?

America the Beautiful Interagency Passes are available by visiting Tonto National Forest offices in person or purchasing online at America the Beautiful Interagency Passes cover use of the picnic sites only.

Why is Butcher Jones Trail closed?

Where is Tonto Pass required?

Tonto passes are required at more than 50 recreation sites, including boat launch ramps, swimming areas and campgrounds. The passes sell for $6 per vehicle; a watercraft use fee is $4.

Does a National Park Pass work for Tonto National Forest?

Since national interagency passes apply only to sites with entrance fees, they have limited applicability on the Tonto National Forest.

Can you just camp anywhere in Arizona?

I have been asked many times, “where is the best place to camp?” My response is always the same, Arizona. Our excess of public land allows us to camp nearly anywhere in the state. Not including private property, most areas are open for camping. With thousands of miles of backroads, the possibilities are endless.

Does a National park Pass work for Tonto National Forest?

Can you swim at Tonto Natural Bridge?

Swimming is not allowed under the Natural Bridge. However, you may swim downstream in Pine Creek. Please be advised there is no lifeguard on duty. Swimming is at your own risk.

Do you need a pass for Butcher Jones Trail?

A Tonto Daily Pass or Tonto Discovery Pass are required.

Are there bears in Tonto National Forest?

Black bears may roam higher elevations within the Tonto National Forest. The black bear is the only bear species still found in Arizona. It is the smallest and most widely distributed North American bear. Their breeding period is in July and cubs generally are born the following January in winter dens.

What is the Tonto Pass used for?

The Tonto Daily Pass and Tonto Discovery Pass provide access to picnic areas and shorelines within the Tonto National Forest. Tonto Daily Passes with a Watercraft Use Sticker and Tonto Discovery Passes provide access to the Boat Launches. Campgrounds require use of the designated fee machines.