Can Wikipedia pages be deleted?

Can Wikipedia pages be deleted?

Pages can be deleted without any discussion if they meet one or more of the criteria for speedy deletion. Speedy deletion is meant to remove pages that are so obviously inappropriate for Wikipedia that they have no chance of surviving a deletion discussion.

What happens if you delete everything on a Wikipedia page?

Deletion of a Wikipedia page removes the complete page (and all previous versions) from public view. Deletion happens when a page is unsuitable, unhelpful, or does not meet the required criteria.

Where do deleted Wikipedia articles go?

Scroll down the page to where it says “Page history”. Clicking on the blue linked date and time of one of those Page history revisions will bring up that particular deleted revision in an edit window. This should bring up the deleted article text to your screen in an edit window.

Why did my Wikipedia page disappear?

Wikipedia has a system in place to eliminate pages that do not meet the standards. Each day, pages disappear if they do not meet the criteria. The deletion process that carries out daily on Wikipedia can be difficult to understand.

How do I undelete a Wikipedia page?

Deleting a page

  1. Go to the page you wish to delete, in this case, we will use Wikipedia:Administrators’ guide/Deleting/delete2.
  2. Above the page, you may see tabs history and move and, in between them, you will see.
  3. Next to Reason:, select the reason for deleting the page.
  4. Click the Delete page button.

How do I recover a deleted Wikipedia page?

Recover a page from the wiki interface

  1. Navigate to the desired wiki.
  2. Click More.
  3. Click Manage wiki.
  4. Click Pages.
  5. Filter the content if desired, as above, for deleted pages.
  6. Page through the deleted pages and locate the desired page.
  7. Click Undelete.

How do you delete data from Wikipedia?

How do I get my Wikipedia page back?

The MediaWiki software sometimes enables editors to easily revert (undo) a single edit from the history of a page, without simultaneously undoing all constructive changes that have been made since. To do this, view the page history or the diff for the edit, then click on “undo” next to the edit in question.

Why did Wikipedia remove my edit?

Why did my Wikipedia edit get removed? Any changes that are unsourced; supported by unreliable sources; malicious; biased; or considered harmful in any way, will be reverted. Edits made by editors appearing to have a conflict of interest will also be flagged or deleted.

How do I find old Wikipedia pages?

A page history is sometimes called revision history or edit history. You can view a page’s history by clicking the “View history” tab at the top of the associated page (pictured right).

How do you find deleted pages on fandom wiki?

You can also view a deleted revision without actually restoring it. To do so, simply click on the “diff” or the timestamp in the undeletion interface, like you would in a normal page history. The revision’s source code will be displayed. You can use the “Preview” button to render the text, like usual.

How do you delete edit history in Wikipedia?

Go to the upper right of the history page and click the “Del/undel selected revisions” button. The system will take you to another screen. Select whether to revision-delete the content, the edit summary, the username or all three.

How do I recover a deleted wiki page in a team?

Restore the Wiki tab in Microsoft Teams

  1. Add a new wiki to the same Teams channel you’r wiki got deleted at.
  2. In Microsoft Teams navigate to ‘Files’ and click on ‘Open in SharePoint’.
  3. In the top right go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Library settings’.
  4. On the left panel look for the section ‘recent’.

How do I see edit history in Wikipedia?

Click the View History tab to see the revision history of a page. (Your user preferences offers customization.) See Help:Page history. On the left column of the page, activate the Toolbox’s Related changes to see the revision history of an article, classes of articles, or of the entire Wikipedia.

How do I restore Wikipedia?

You can also restore a past version of the page. To do this: Click the View history tab at the top of the page to display the page history. Click the time and date (e.g., : 00:00, 1 January 1970) of the earlier version to which you want to revert.

Can Wikipedia edits be traced?

Technically you can’t edit Wikipedia completely anonymously. Wikipedia tracks edits to the editor’s username, but if you don’t log in, Wikipedia still can track you by your IP address or by device fingerprinting.

Where are Teams Wikis stored?

Teams Wikis are stored as . mht files in SharePoint at Site contents → Teams Wiki Data.

Where do you store a wiki?

All wiki pages are stored in the /wiki/ directory of your project’s Subversion repository, as files ending in . wiki (other files and subdirectories will be ignored). That means you can use a Subversion client and your favorite text editor to add and edit wiki pages.