Are War Thunder maps realistic?

Are War Thunder maps realistic?

All of these maps are based off of real world locations; the level of accuracy varies between maps, but in general they tend to be reasonably accurate to the real world. Some of these maps are re-used to form the air battles area of tank maps.

How do you aim tanks in war thunder?

When you spot an enemy, simply aim at the enemy with your binoculars and press the left mouse button this will automatically rotate your cannon and crosshair toward the enemy. After that you will simply have to go into the sniper mode, calculate the distance and make a shot.

What is the best targeting distance in War Thunder?

You should change this distance to where you are most likely to be engaging targets: Fighters should set their gun distance to 300~500m to focus their firepower to increase their odds of destroying components of an aircraft rather than spraying all over the aircraft.

Is vertical targeting good?

Vertical targeting is one of the most effective ways to capture a focused, intent-driven audience. You can use specific messaging tailored for that segment and curate the content to cater to the unique needs and interests of your target market.

What is the biggest tank map in War Thunder?

The southern counter attack led to a massive armoured clash in the area around Prokhorovka (where this map is set). The Battle of Prokhorovka is widely acknowledged as one of, the largest tank battles in history, with up to 429 German and 870 Soviet tanks (1299 total) taking part.

Is War Thunder shutting down?

Conversation. Dear War Thunder players, You have surely noticed we have scaled down our Social Media activity. Hereby we would like to clarify. Gaijin offices, owners, directors, servers and employees are based in EU countries, and so the game is not at any risk of shutdown.

Is War Thunder Russian?

Gaijin Entertainment was founded in Belarus in 2002, but now maintains its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.

How do you mark in War Thunder?

Once you’ve assigned the ‘Set target for squad’ to a particular key or button, simply point your reticles at what you want to mark in a game and press the assigned button. This will place a yellow marker on the enemy for your squad to see. That’s everything you need to know about marking enemies in War Thunder.

How do I play custom maps on war thunder?

Launch the game and go to menu → custom battles → create session → missions by URL (Note: Make Sure you mark the url as favorite for the add option to show up) → add mission. Choose a name for the mission and paste the copied link into the field.

What is Hull aiming mode?

Ground vehicles that make use of “hull aiming mode” will no longer roll down hill when positioned on sloped surfaces.

Did Gaijin delete chat?

Although Gaijin has turned off all global voice and text chat for War Thunder, some communication tools are still usable. “Quick commands are available in the game sessions for players in your team and voice chat is active for squad members,” according to the game’s patch notes (opens in new tab).