Are there two airports in Nassau?

Are there two airports in Nassau?

Lynden Pindling International Airport is located 13 kilometers of Nassau downtown. – Nassau Airport is a hub for Bahamasair, Western Air and SkyBahamas. – Nassau Airport is located in New Providence island.

Is there another name for Nassau International Airport?

Introduction to Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau, The Bahamas. Just nine miles from the city centre of Nassau is Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), the busiest airport in The Bahamas, and an important gateway to the Caribbean.

Is Grand Bahama airport the same as Nassau?

Grand Bahama International Airport (GBIA) (IATA: FPO, ICAO: MYGF) is an international airport in Freeport, Bahamas. It was privately owned until the government of the Bahamas purchased it in April 2021….Passenger.

Airlines Destinations
Western Air Nassau

What is the name of the main airport in Nassau?

Lynden Pindling International Airport
Lynden Pindling International Airport | Bahamas Airport.

How many airports does Nassau have?

There are only four international airports in the Bahamas. This list includes Rock Sound International Airport, Exuma International Airport, Grand Bahama International Airport, Marsh Harbour, and Lynden Pindling Airport.

Which airport is closest to Atlantis Bahamas?

Nassau International Airport –
Flying to Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas: Nassau International Airport – (NAS), serves Nassau and Paradise Island. Freeport is on Grand Bahama Island, 150 miles away from Atlantis.

Do you go through US Customs in Bahamas?

When flying out of LPIA, if you’re U.S. bound you’ll conveniently clear Customs and Immigration on the ground in Nassau. That’s because LPIA is a U.S. pre-clearance facility. LPIA also has the convenience of Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks for faster processing through U.S. Customs.

How many airports are there in Nassau?

What airport do you fly into to go to Atlantis Bahamas?

Nassau International Airport
When traveling to Atlantis confirm your flights into Nassau International Airport. The airport code is NAS. Most major airlines offer international service with either non-stop or connecting service into NAS.

What is the biggest airport in Bahamas?

Lynden Pindling International Airport (IATA: NAS, ICAO: MYNN), formerly known as Nassau International Airport, is the largest airport in the Bahamas and the largest international gateway into the country.

How much is a taxi from Nassau airport to Atlantis?

$60 – $75
The quickest way to get from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Atlantis Paradise Island is to taxi which costs $60 – $75 and takes 15 min.

Does Atlantis have a shuttle from the airport?

We are conveniently located minutes from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and offer complimentary airport shuttle for all hotel guests. The Atlantis shuttle runs from 4:30 am until 12:30 am. The shuttle departs the airport every 30 minutes, on the quarter hours, and can be found directly outside baggage claim.

What can you not bring to the Bahamas?

Prohibited imports include:

  • Meat, provisions, fruits and vegetables, and any articles intended for human food which are unfit for human consumption.
  • Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings, or any other indecent or obscene article.

Should I bring cash to Bahamas?

It’s always advisable to bring money in a variety of forms on a vacation: a mix of cash, credit cards, and traveler’s checks. You should also exchange enough petty cash to cover airport incidentals, tipping, and transportation to your hotel before you leave home, or withdraw money upon arrival at an airport ATM.

What is the major airport in Bahamas?

Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau
The 16 biggest airports in the Bahamas

IATA Name City
NAS Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau
GGT Exuma International Airport George Town
FPO Grand Bahama International Airport Freeport
MHH Leonard M Thompson International Airport Marsh Harbour

Does Atlantis have free shuttle from airport?

Can you drink water in Bahamas?

Drinking tap water in the Bahamas is generally of good quality and safety is considered to be well regulated. However, as in any hot tropical country, there are still some precautions that wise visitors prefer to take. First of all, although tap water is considered good, you can still stick to bottled water.

How much is a taxi ride from Nassau airport to Atlantis?

Is Atlantis in Nassau free?

The marina has the nicest yachts I have ever seen. Atlantis for FREE! It was our first time over to Paradise Island (we’ve been to Nassau 3 times). Without paying the heavily overpriced excursions to Atlantis, I think we made out pretty good.

Do cell phones work in Bahamas?

The Bahamas uses the Area Code 242. The local phone system is useable, but not up to par with Canada and the USA. Calls from hotel rooms are usually very expensive, it’s recommended to use lobby payphones or concierge services when making local reservations or a local cell phone or SIM card.