Are 8X40 binoculars any good?

Are 8X40 binoculars any good?

This 8X40 is a decent good quality binocular with nice sharp clear optics. I was pleased to find that the focus wheel is solid and relatively easy to turn, there’s no “slop” or free-play in it’s operation like on some binoculars I’ve used…the mechanics are good. The extra wide 8.2 degree field is an added bonus.

Is Nikon a good binocular brand?

Without a doubt, Nikon is one of the top 6 optics manufacturers out there. Nikon has an outstanding reputation for crystal clear optics for every outdoor activity. The best Nikon binoculars come with a rugged design, lightweight construction, and crystal-clear glass. Here are our favorites.

Is Nikon still making binoculars?

Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10×42 Nikon is one of today’s leading manufacturers of sports optics. If you’re birding or hunting in strong daylight, they might have the right pair of binoculars for you— the Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10×42.

Are Nikon Action binoculars waterproof?

The Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binocular Series is 100% waterproof and fogproof (nitrogen-filled and O-Ring sealed), and rubber armored for shock-resistance and a more comfortable and no-slip grip.

What does 8×40 mean on binoculars?

eight-power magnification
Binns labeled as 8×40, for example, have eight-power magnification and a 40-millimeter lens. The wider the lens, the brighter the image and the easier it will be to see fine field marks or color variations in birds’ plumages. Exit pupil: This number is not usually given, but is easy to calculate.

What is better 8×40 or 10×50 binoculars?

For stellar targets, there’s a usefull “binocular performance index” that’s been defined as magnification x square root of aperture. For 10×50 this is 70.7, for 8×40 it is 50.6. Simplistically, you could say that you’d see 40% more with the 10x50s. This is only valid when mounted on a tripod.

Where is Nikon binoculars made?

All the premium Nikon binoculars are manufactured and assembled in-house at multiple production facilities in Japan. This allows the company to maintain a great level of optical performance and built quality of the higher-end models.

What does HG stand for in Nikon binoculars?

Nikon celebrates 20 years of MONARCH Binoculars with new flagship high grade models –

Where are Nikon Action binoculars made?

Do Nikon binoculars have lifetime warranty?

Nikon’s Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to the optical system components of Nikon Binoculars, Rangefinding Binoculars and Fieldscopes, which optical system components are warranted by Nikon to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product from the date of purchase by the original …

Where are Nikon binoculars made?

What is the magnification of 8×40 binoculars?

Binns labeled as 8×40, for example, have eight-power magnification and a 40-millimeter lens. The wider the lens, the brighter the image and the easier it will be to see fine field marks or color variations in birds’ plumages.

What does 8X40 mean in binoculars?

Are 8X40 binoculars good for astronomy?

Looking at earlier posts, it looks like 10X50 is the most recommended general handheld astronomy binocular size. 8X40 seems to be good for finding your way around light polluted skies as a companion binocular to a telescope.

Are all Nikon binoculars made in China?

All high-end binoculars that require precision manufacturing processes and quality control are made in Nikon factories in Japan, whereas all affordable models are made in Nikon factories in China.

What Nikon binoculars are made in Japan?

MONARCH HG binoculars are made in Japan, feature an innovated exterior and deliver the finest performance among MONARCH models. That’s because of the wide apparent field of view (60.3° for the 8×42 and 62.2° for the 10×42) that provides spectacular viewing.

What is the difference between 8×42 and 10×42?

Size-wise they will be the same as they will almost certainly use the same body, however, a 10×42 is often a fraction heavier than an 8×42 as they need slightly thicker glass to create the higher power. But as I say the amount is really not worth considering as a factor in making your choice between the two.

Is Nikon binoculars made in China?

The pocket-friendly variants of Nikon binoculars are usually manufactured in China. Since less expensive and entry-level models do not require intricate manufacturing processes and high-quality materials, they can easily be mass-produced in Chinese factories where production costs are significantly cheaper.

What binoculars does the Secret Service use?

We wanted to know what kind of binocular the United States Secret Service would provide to its man standing guard at the front door of the White House! Because the ink was worn from the rubber armoring, he cheerfully held it up for us to see. It was an 8X40 Nikon Action EX binocular ! We were impressed!

Are there any 8×40 binoculars made by Nikon?

Nikon Action EX 8×40 CF. The EX Action series produced by the reputable Nikon company consists of mid-range pairs of binoculars with the following parameters: 7×35, 8×40, 7×50, 10×50, 12×50, 16×50 , 7-15×35 and 10-22×50. All Action EX binoculars come with BaK-4 glass Porro prisms.

What is the Nikon action ex 8×40 CF?

Small wonder the Nikon Action EX 8×40 CF is a pair of binoculars which are mentioned very often in discussions on our website. To tell you the truth I am ashamed it took me so long to test it.

What kind of lenses do action ex binoculars have?

All Action EX binoculars come with BaK-4 glass Porro prisms. Their objectives are usually two-piece achromatic ones and the eyepieces consists most often of four elements with aspherical lenses. All air-to-glass surfaces are supposed to be covered by antireflection multi-coatings.

Are action binoculars wide view?

They also feature aspherical eyepiece lenses with multi-coated prisms and a quick central focus system so that there is never a delay in observation. With a field of view of over 420’ at 1,000 yards, these particular models of the Action Series are a true “wide-view” binocular.