Are 4R70W transmissions reliable?

Are 4R70W transmissions reliable?

The 4R70W is a good transmission, but it has its pros and cons. Let’s look over some of its best qualities, and some of its faults and issues. For one, it has a much better and improved overdrive band.

Are all 4R70W transmissions the same?

The AODE/4R70W is different because there is one input shaft instead of both a primary and intermediate shaft. The AODE/4R70W manual shift mechanism is basically the same as the AOD except it has no linear backup light/neutral safety switch. Instead, this function is outside the case.

How heavy is a 4R70W transmission?

Transmission around 135lbs. When I ship them on a pallet, I usually call them about 220lbs.

What does 4R70W stand for?

4R70W indicates 4 gears, Rear wheel drive and Wider gear ratio compared to the AODE.

How much HP can a 4R70W handle?

supports up to 1000HP.

How much does a 4R70W transmission cost?

4R70W Transmission – $1,995 | 5-Year Warranty. Money Back Guarantee.

How many quarts does a 4R70W transmission take?

The 4R70W holds 12-13 quarts of ATF fluid, do not over-fill the transmission.

Is the 4R70W transmission electronic?

The W at the end signifies wide-ratio transmission, whilst the E on some models of the 4R70W and 4R75W refers to the upgraded electronic controls. The E models have a turbine speed sensor for detecting the torque converter slip, which helps fine-tune shift speed and feel.

What is a JMOD?

The jmod tool is intended for modules that have native libraries or other configuration files or for modules that you intend to link, with the jlink tool, to a runtime image. The JMOD file format let’s you aggregate files other than . class files, metadata, and resources.

What vehicles use the 4R70W transmission?

The 4R70W/4R75W transmission is used extensively in such popular applications as the following:

  • Ford (F-150 Series pick-up trucks, E-150 Series vans, Explorers, Expeditions, Crown Victorias, Mustangs and Thunderbirds)
  • Lincoln (Town Cars and Mark VIIIs)
  • Mercury (Cougars, Grand Marquis, Mountaineers and Marauders)

How much power can a 4R70W handle?

There you have it… the PerformaBuilt Level 3 Invincible series 4R70W Ford performance transmission. These units are capable of power up to 1000 RWHP and come with a 6-month warranty without converter and a 1-year warranty when purchased with a converter.

How long can a 4R70W last?

You might just get 200K out of it. With a roller type OWC in the trans,it’s a matter of luck-I’ve not seen many with over 100K miles,much less 200K. The 4R70W in my work truck (’01 F150 4.6L) has 205K on it now, and it’s been “abused” by lack of fluid changes, towing well over the truck’s rated limit,etc.

How much fluid does a 4R70W torque converter hold?

How long will a rebuilt transmission last?

On average, a rebuilt transmission is expected to last between 30,000 – 50,000 miles. If the work is done extremely well and regular maintenance is performed, a transmission rebuild can last as long as the original transmission (120,000 – 200,000 miles on average).

Are Rebuilt transmissions as good as new?

While both rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions may be compatible with your vehicle, reman systems are more reliable and higher in quality.

What is the J Mod 4R70W?

As mentioned, the J Mod is a simple modification of the 4R70W’s stock transmission valve body that gives big results. It involves removing the accumulator springs on the 1-2 shift as well as the 2-3 shift. Furthermore, several holes on the separator plate need to be enlarged.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 4R70W?

Most transmission shops around here charge $1500-$1800 to pull, rebuild and install.

How much HP can a 4R70W Hold?

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 4R70W take?