Why is trivalent arsenic more toxic than pentavalent arsenic?

Why is trivalent arsenic more toxic than pentavalent arsenic?

Excretion of arsenic is dependant on valence state and form. Arsenite the (trivalent form) has a slower excretion rate compared to arsenate the (pentavalent form) and organic arsenic, which may contribute to arsenite’s increased toxicity compared to arsenate and organic arsenic.

Is arsenic pentavalent or trivalent?

In oxygenated soil, inorganic arsenic is present in the pentavalent form. Under reducing conditions, it is in the trivalent form.

Which form of arsenic is more stable?

Arsenic occurs in nature as one stable isotope, 75As, a monoisotopic element. As of 2003, at least 33 radioisotopes have also been synthesized, ranging in atomic mass from 60 to 92. The most stable of these is 73As with a half-life of 80.30 days.

What is the most poisonous form of arsenic?

Dimercaprol and dimercaptosuccinic acid are chelating agents that sequester the arsenic away from blood proteins and are used in treating acute arsenic poisoning. The most important side effect is hypertension. Dimercaprol is considerably more toxic than succimer.

What is the difference between arsenic 3 and 5?

In groundwater, arsenic usually occurs in two forms: trivalent arsenic (As+3, or arsenite) or pentavalent arsenic (As+5, or arsenate). Both are harmful to humans, but trivalent arsenic is more harmful and more difficult to remove from water.

Which of these is more harmful arsenic 3 or arsenic 5?

The toxicity of arsenic is determined by its form (Vahter, 1983). The prevalent valences are the +3 and the +5 form. Arsenic is found in both an organic form and an inorganic form with valence numbers ranging from +3 to +5. As+3, or arsenite, is more toxic than arsenate, or As+5.

What is arsenic pentavalent?

Arsenates are salts or esters of arsenic acid. The arsenic atom in arsenate has a valency of 5 and is also known as pentavalent arsenic or As(V). Arsenate resembles phosphate in many respects, since arsenic and phosphorus occur in the same group (column) of the periodic table.

What is the difference between arsenic III and arsenic V?

Arsenic Speciation, Treatment At pH 6.5 to 8.5, As III is present as uncharged arsenious acid, H3AsO3, under reducing conditions, whereas As V is present in the form of singly and doubly charged H2AsO4- and HAsO42- anions in oxidizing waters.