Why is naphthalene temperature constant?

Why is naphthalene temperature constant?

Naphthalene exists in both solid and liquid states. The temperature remains constant because the heat that supplied to naphthalene is used to overcome the forces of attraction that hold the particles together. The constant temperature is called the melting point.

What is the state of naphthalene at room temperature?

At room temperature, benzene is a liquid and naphthalene is a solid.

What is the heat of sublimation of naphthalene?

The standard enthalpy of sublimation of naphthalene has been determined calorimetrically at 298.15 K. The value obtained, (73.00 ± 0.25) kJ mol−1 is in agreement with the accepted value derived from vapour pressure measurements.

What happens to naphthalene balls when heated?

If heat is then added to naphthalene, it will melt until it reaches 80o C and it will stay at that temperature until melting is complete. This would be the melting point of naphthalene. After melting is complete, the temperature will begin to rise again until it reaches 218o C.

How does the temperature of naphthalene change as it cools?

The temperature remains unchanged. This is because the energy produced during the formation of bonds is equal to the heat energy released to the surroundings during cooling. This constant temperature is the boiling point.

What happens to the temperature of naphthalene during melting?

Answer and Explanation: When naphthalene reaches its melting temperature just as the solid begins to melt, it will stay at that temperature until all the solid has melted…

What happens when naphthalene is heated?

What is the heat of formation of naphthalene?

The enthalpy of combustion and the enthalpy of formation of naphthalene were found to be 5320 ± 110 kJ/mole and 246 ± 115 kJ/mole, respectively.

Why do naphthalene balls disappear with time?

Naphthalene undergoes sublimation easily, i.e., the change of state of naphthalene from solid to gas without the intervention of the liquid state. Thus, naphthalene balls keep forming naphthalene vapours that disappear into the air with time without leaving any solid.

What happened to naphthalene ball when exposed to sun?

Naphthalene evaporates easily. That is why you can smell mothballs. In the air, moisture and sunlight make it break down, often within 1 day.

What is the heat of combustion of naphthalene?

The heat of combustion of naphthalene is -5156 kJ/mol C10H8.

What is equation of formation of naphthalene?

C10H8 + 4.5 O2 → C6H4(CO)2O + 2 CO2 + 2 H2O. This reaction is the basis of the main use of naphthalene.

When naphthalene pellets are kept open for few days its size diminishes and disappears write the name of this phenomenon?

Size of naphthalene balls decrease when left open because of sublimation.

Why does the size of the naphthalene balls decreases when left open?

When naphthalene balls are left open, due to sublimation they change to vapours and their size decreases.

How long does naphthalene take to evaporate?

At hazardous waste sites and landfills, naphthalene can dissolve in water, attach to soil, and leach into underground drinking water. Some naphthalene dissolves in rivers, lakes, or wells and evaporates within two weeks.

What will happens to naphthalene ball when heated?

How do you calculate the heat of combustion of a calorimeter?

The amount of heat released in the reaction can be calculated using the equation q = -CΔT, where C is the heat capacity of the calorimeter and ΔT is the temperature change. Because the combustion occurs at constant volume, q is equal to ΔE for the reaction.

What is the formula of naphthalene?

C10H8Naphthalene / Formula

Why does naphthalene ball decreases when left open?