Why is Mourinho The Special One?

Why is Mourinho The Special One?

Famous for his strategic expertise, what makes Mourinho one of the best in the business is his innate ability to extract the best performance from the players by making them believe they are world-beaters.

When was Mourinho called The Special One?

While joining Chelsea in June of 2004, in his famous first press conference, Mourinho regarded himself as the special one in the world of football.

Did Mourinho Ferguson work?

Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho shared a close working relationship and a notable level of mutual respect for each other. Two of the greatest managers the Premier League has seen became rivals when the Portuguese guided his Porto side to a stunning knockout of Manchester United in the Champions League in 2004.

Who has more trophies Mourinho or Ferguson?

It was during this time that he won his first title – Scottish Football League First Division in 1977. Following his first and only managerial sack in 1978, Alex Ferguson joined Aberdeen….Most trophies by a manager in football.

Manager Manager career Trophies
Jock Stein 1960-1985 26
Jose Mourinho 2000-present 26

Is Mourinho still The Special One?

Jose Mourinho admits he is NO longer the ‘Special One’… even if he wins Europa Conference League with Roma. JOSE MOURINHO cannot envisage retirement thanks to wise words from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who do they call The Special One?

“The Special One” is the self-proclaimed nickname of the Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho. Mourinho is one of the most famous football managers of present time. He has won countless trophies coaching Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid.

How do you become the special one?

Then you go out and become just like that!

  1. Make Others Feel Special.
  2. Work on Your Own Growth and Personal Development.
  3. Be Kind and Considerate to Others.
  4. Lead a Life of Purpose.
  5. Get Clear About Relationships and What you Desire.
  6. Take Great Self-Care.
  7. Keep Your Home and Space Clutter Free.

Is Mourinho still the special one?

What does my special one mean?

( specials plural ) 1 adj Someone or something that is special is better or more important than other people or things.

Which football manager is the special one?

manager José Mourinho
Football manager José Mourinho – who was dubbed by the media in 2004 after saying “… I think I’m a special one”.

Who is a special one?

Mourinho’s famed moniker dates back to when he arrived at Chelsea for his first spell at Stamford Bridge in 2004, telling reporters in his inaugural press conference that he thought of himself as a “special one” – which has stuck with him in the years since.

What does special mean in slang?

retarded, or simply unintelligent. We all know you’re special, Danny.