Why are Polytropes important?

Why are Polytropes important?

Polytropic models were historically very important because they were the first stellar models before the age of computers. They provide insight into the structure of stars and give scaling laws such as the mass–luminosity relation and the mass–radius relation.

What is polytropic equation of state?

Abstract. In this paper, generalized polytropic equation of state is used to get new classes of polytropic models from the solution of Einstein-Maxwell field equations for charged anisotropic fluid configuration. The models are developed for different values of polytropic index n=1,~\frac{1}{2},~2.

What is Polytropic star?

Stars are self gravitating globes of gas in kept in hydrostatic equilibrium by inter- nal pressure support.

What is Polytrope astrophysics?

In astrophysics, a polytrope refers to a solution of the Lane-Emden equation in which the pressure depends upon the density in the form, where is pressure, is density and is a constant. The constant is known as the polytropic index.

Is the sun a Polytrope?

We show that the presently accepted standard model of the Sun exhibits polytropic power-law behavior P=Kp over certain regions of the Sun’s interior.

What is n in polytropic process?

The exponent N(n) that is used in the polytropic process is the symbol used to represent the polytropic index. This exponent may have a value ranging from 0 to infinity depending on the process.

What is the equation of state for adiabatic process?


What is polytropic fluid?

Polytropic fluids are idealized fluid models that are used often in astrophysics. A polytropic fluid is a type of barotropic fluid for which the equation of state is written as: P = Kρ(1 + 1 / n) where P is the pressure, K is a constant, ρ is the density, and n is a quantity called the polytropic index.

How do you calculate n for a polytropic process?

Polytropic Index For isentropic processes, n = γ = Cp/Cv, where Cp is the heat capacity of an ideal gas at constant pressure, and Cv is the heat capacity of an ideal gas at constant volume.

Which expression is correct for adiabatic system?

so, T1T2=(V2V1)γ−1. Was this answer helpful?

What is K in adiabatic process?

An adiabatic process is a reversible constant entropy process for an ideal gas without heat transfer, following the relationship. Pvk = constant. A polytropic process is a reversible process for an ideal gas with heat transfer, and variable entropy, following the relationship. Pvn = constant.

What is the difference between adiabatic and polytropic process?

The key difference between adiabatic and polytropic processes is that in adiabatic processes no heat transfer occurs whereas in polytropic processes heat transfer occurs. In chemistry, we divide the universe into two parts. The part we are going to study is “a system”, and the rest is “the surrounding”.

What PV n means?

pVn = constant The polytropic process can describe gas expansion and compression which include heat transfer. The exponent n is known as the polytropic index and it may take on any value from 0 to ∞, depending on the particular process.

What is the polytropic relation for an ideal gas?

Ans: In a Polytropic process when n = γ: Under the assumption of ideal gas law PVγ = C, represents the Constant entropy or Isentropic Process or reversible adiabatic process.

What is the equation for adiabatic process?

For such an adiabatic process, the modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus) can be expressed as E = γP, where γ is the ratio of specific heats at constant pressure and at constant volume (γ = Cp/Cv ) and P is the pressure of the gas.