Who wears number 17 in the NFL?

Who wears number 17 in the NFL?

17 — Davante Adams, Packers WR.

Who were the quarterbacks for Washington Redskins?

Carson WentzTaylor HeinickeSam HowellCole Kelley
Washington Commanders/Quarterbacks

Who did Doug Williams play for?

As a player: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1978–1982) Oklahoma/Arizona Outlaws (1984–1985) Washington Redskins (1986–1989)

Who was the quarterback for the Redskins in the 70s?

Sonny Jurgensen
Starting quarterbacks

Season(s) Quarterback(s)
1972 Billy Kilmer (10) / Sonny Jurgensen (4)
1971 Billy Kilmer (13) / Sonny Jurgensen (1)
1970 Sonny Jurgensen (14)
1969 Sonny Jurgensen (14)

What NFL quarterbacks wore number 17?

David Krieg the quarterback most famously of the Seattle Seahawks. Phillip Rivers who just recently retired from one season with the Colts and 17 seasons with the Chargers franchise. Jim Hart the quarterback of the St Louis Cardinals in the 1970’s. Richie Petitbone the fantastic DB of the Bears, Rams and Redskins.

What quarterbacks wore number 17?

Then again, I must admit #17 quarterbacks are growing on the NFL. That’s the number Wentz is replacing in Indianapolis now that Philip Rivers retired, and Ryan Tannehill and Josh Allen rep #17 too.

How many quarterbacks have the Redskins had?

In the 14 years since the Washington Redskins last won the NFC East title and current owner Daniel Snyder purchased the franchise, the Redskins have started 15 quarterbacks and only Jason Campbell (2006-09) had more than 33 starts with the team.

Who replaced Joe Theismann?

Schroeder replaced injured Joe Theismann in a Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants on November 18, 1985. Schroeder’s first pass after Theismann was taken off the field was a 43-yard completion to Art Monk.

Who was the only Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams
Black History Month: A look back at Doug Williams becoming the first Super Bowl-winning Black quarterback – CBSSports.com.

Who was first Black NFL quarterback?

Marlin Briscoe
Marlin Briscoe (show in 1975), the first Black starting quarterback in the American Football League, died Monday. Marlin Briscoe, who became the first Black starting quarterback in the American Football League more than 50 years ago, died Monday.

Who was the Redskins quarterback in the 90s?

Only two starting quarterbacks for Washington have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Sammy Baugh (1937–1952) and Sonny Jurgensen (1964–1974)….Regular season.

Season Quarterback(s)
1990 Mark Rypien (10) / Stan Humphries (5) / Jeff Rutledge (1)
1991 Mark Rypien (16)
1992 Mark Rypien (16)

Who is number 17 for the dolphin?

Jaylen Waddle

No. 17 – Miami Dolphins
Weight: 183 lb (83 kg)
Career information
High school: Episcopal (Bellaire, Texas)
College: Alabama (2018–2020)

Who wore number 17 for the Browns?

Brian Sipe
Brian Sipe is one of the three best quarterbacks in Browns’ history and he is the best player to ever wear number 17 for the franchise.

Who wore number 17 in baseball?

List of all-time retired numbers

No. Player or other figure Team
17 Todd Helton Rockies
17 Keith Hernandez Mets
18 Ted Kluszewski Reds
18 Mel Harder Guardians

Who is the best number 17 in football?

Best players who starred in the number 17

  • Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Eden Hazard.
  • Steven Gerrard.
  • Mohamed Salah.
  • Alexis Sanchez.
  • David Trezeguet.
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy.
  • Mario Mandzukic.

Who was the Redskins quarterback 20 years ago?

Brad Johnson: Starter in 1999-2000 After four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Brad Johnson led the 1999 Redskins to a 10-6 record and the NFC East title, starting every regular season game in the process.