Who was Catherine Grayson married to?

Who was Catherine Grayson married to?

Johnnie Johnstonm. 1947–1951John Sheltonm. 1941–1946
Kathryn Grayson/Spouse

Who is Kathryn Grayson’s daughter?

Patricia Kathryn JohnstonKathryn Grayson / Daughter

What nationality was Kathryn Grayson?

AmericanKathryn Grayson / Nationality

Kathryn Grayson (born Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick; February 9, 1922 – February 17, 2010) was an American actress and coloratura soprano.

Is Kathryn Grayson still alive?

February 17, 2010Kathryn Grayson / Date of death

What kind of soprano was Kathryn Grayson?

coloratura soprano
Kathryn, a coloratura soprano, made her first film in 1941, a “B” picture called Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941). She soon was cast opposite some of MGM’s top musical stars of the 1940s, such as Gene Kelly and Mario Lanza.

Did Kathryn Grayson and Mario get along?

Mario Lanza only did 10 movies, and only two with Kathryn Grayson. She could not get along wt him due to his temper and alcohol abuse. That is a real shame as the two together on the Oscar-nominated “Be My Love” was pure magic.

What really happened to Mario Lanza?

On October 7, Lanza died of an apparent pulmonary embolism at age 38. No autopsy was performed. He was survived by his wife and four children.

What movies is Kathryn Grayson?

Show Boat1951Kiss Me Kate1953Mario Lanza: The American…1983The Toast of New Orleans1950Anchors Aweigh1945Lovely to Look At1952
Kathryn Grayson/Appears in

Did Mario Lanza gain a lot of weight?

He was only 5′ 7″ tall and spent his movie career ballooning up to 260 pounds and then down to less than 170 pounds to be ready for his next film. He weighed more than 250 pounds when he died. Every time you lose weight, you lose fat and muscle. Every time you gain weight, you gain only fat.

Was Kathryn Grayson a good opera singer?

Her crystal-clear voice was key to nearly all of her roles, and operatic repertoire was often incorporated into her films to showcase her unusual ability. In musical films, Kathryn was regularly paired with costars Frank Sinatra, tenor Mario Lanza, and bass-baritone Howard Keel.

What was Kathryn Grayson vocal range?

“They all had four octave ranges,” she said of her siblings. “We thought everybody did.” Her clear operatic soprano voice and what the New York Times called a “campus sweetheart” face set her apart from other female actors of her time.

What happened to Mario Lanza’s family?

From then on, tragedy followed the Lanza family. His heartbroken wife, Betty, died months later from an accidental drug overdose. Three of his four children died before the age of 55, including his son, Marc, who died of a heart attack when he was 37 — a year younger than his father.

Did Ann Blyth do her own singing in the Student Prince?

Ann Blyth’s vocals were done by Gale Sherwood, because Ann did not have a contract with RCA, the producer of the album. Two weeks before The Student Prince premiered, Ann’s first child was born, beginning a new and very happy chapter in her personal life.

Did Ann Blyth sing in The Student Prince?

Doing her own singing in a gracious, charming manner is Ann Blyth, who might not be everyone’s idea of a barmaid who could charm a prince, but she’s pert and pretty. Richard Thorpe’s direction keeps things moving at a likeable pace, whether the people are engaging in song, amour or duel.

Did Kathryn Grayson do her own singing in movies?

In the screen biography of composer Jerome Kern, Till the Clouds Roll By, Grayson sang the role of Magnolia in the film’s opening pot-pourri of numbers from Show Boat. (She played Magnolia again when MGM filmed Show Boat in 1951.)

Why was Mario Lanza fired from MGM?

Fired by MGM during production of The Student Prince (1954) in 1952 after director Curtis Bernhardt assailed him over the “excess” passion of one song in his stunning recording of the soundtrack, his career began a downturn that would never be reversed.

How many octaves can Kathryn Grayson?

Is Manuel Lanza related to Mario Lanza?

His first role at the MET was the one of Schaunard in ‘La Bohème’. The success for Manuel Lanza, who is not related to the late Italo-American tenor Mario Lanza, was great and he returned to the MET as Silvio in ‘I pagliacci’.

Did Anne Blythe sing in Rose Marie?

Actress Ann Blyth Sings in ‘Rose Marie’ & ‘Kismet’

How old was Ann Blyth in Mildred Pierce?

93 years (August 16, 1928)Ann Blyth / Age
Blyth was only 16 when she made the Michael Curtiz film. (Crawford won the Best Actress award for that film). After Mildred Pierce, Blyth sustained a broken back while tobogganing in Snow Valley and was not able to fully capitalize on the film’s success.