Who voiced Heather in sh3?

Who voiced Heather in sh3?

Heather Morris
Heather Morris is the actress who voiced and did the motion capture for Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3.

Why is Heather called Cheryl in DBD?

After the events of Silent Hill 3, she changed her name to Cheryl Mason to honor the name that Harry gave her former self before he became entangled with the cult.

Who voices Heather in Httyd?

Heather (voiced by Mae Whitman) – A mysterious teenage girl found by the Viking youths. Although she was at first introduced for actions against Berk, her true motive, to rescue her parents from Alvin the Treacherous, proved her loyalty. She returns in Season 3, bonding with a Razorwhip dragon named Windshear.

Are Alessa and Cheryl the same person?

Cheryl is part of Alessa. Alessa divided her soul to stop God from growing. It’s stated in the hospital “Half of the soul is lost, and the seed lies dormant.” and Lisa rescued her from the Order and put her on the side of the road, that’s how Harry found her.

What type of dragon is Heathers dragon?

Heather is an original character from DreamWorks Dragons: The Series. She makes a brief first appearance in 2 episodes on Dragons: Riders of Berk but later returns as a regular on Dragons: Race to the Edge with a dragon of her own, a Razorwhip named Windshear.

What Silent Hill is Cheryl in?

Cheryl appears in the reimagining Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, in which her full name is given as “Cheryl Heather Mason”, making her something of a combination of the original character’s two incarnations.

How Old Is Cheryl in DBD?

17 years old
Cheryl Mason is 17 years old, according to the Silent Hill wiki. However, the Dead by Daylight developers stated that all the characters are over 18.

Who is Alessa Gillespie’s father?

Alessa Gillespie
Parents Dahlia Gillespie (madre)
Sons Cheryl Mason (Reincarnation) Heather Mason (Reincarnation)
Family Alexia Gillespie (Hermana)
nationality American

Why did Fishlegs and Heather break up?

By the end of the final season, Heather and Fishlegs had seemingly drifted apart due to long distance. They appeared to still be on friendly terms however.

Is Heather Harry’s daughter?

In the third game, Heather is the adopted daughter of protagonist Harry Mason….

Heather Mason
Family Dahlia Gillespie (deceased mother) Harry Mason (deceased adoptive father) Jodie Mason (deceased adoptive mother)

Are Alessa and Heather the same person?

Heather is the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie, a young girl with strange supernatural abilities that grew up in the small American town known as Silent Hill. Alessa was abused by her mother Dahlia and was forced into her mother’s cult, The Order.

How old is Heather in Silent Hill?

It’s also the first and only game in the core series with a female protagonist. 17-year-old Heather is, by all appearances, your typical American teenager.

Who is the tallest survivor in DBD?

Trivia. Mitchell is the tallest Survivor contestant, at 7 feet (213 cm). Scot Pollard and Cliff Robinson are just behind him, at 6′ 11″ (210 cm) and 6′ 10″ (208 cm) respectively.

Who is the shortest survivor in DBD?

Claudette is the number 1 picked survivor in DBD Tournament play for these reasons: She is the second shortest survivor in the game, just slightly behind Feng. She has a small frame excellent for hiding behind thin tall objects. She also gets low to the ground when crouching.

Is Dark Alessa the devil?

Director Christophe Gans has stated that Dark Alessa is a Japanese representation of a devil, which consists of the dark side of the human soul.

How Old Is Cheryl Mason DBD?

Cheryl Mason is 17 years old, according to the Silent Hill wiki.

Is Heather hiccup sister?

Hiccup is referred to as Dagur and Heather’s little brother by Dagur in his last letter to Heather. This hints that Heather is actually older than Hiccup.