Who owns the central bank of Belgium?

Who owns the central bank of Belgium?

Government of Belgium
National Bank of Belgium

Headquarters Brussels
Established 5 May 1850
Ownership Government of Belgium (50%) Public float (50%) Traded as: Euronext: BNB
Governor Pierre Wunsch
Central bank of Belgium

Which bank is best in Belgium?

KBC/KBC voted Best Bank in Belgium for a staggering sixth time in a row. Euromoney – one of the world’s leading professional magazines for the financial sector – honoured KBC yesterday with its coveted ‘Best Bank’ award. KBC was voted Best Bank in Belgium for a staggering sixth time in a row.

Does Belgium have a central bank?

The National Bank of Belgium (NBB; Dutch: Nationale Bank van België, French: Banque nationale de Belgique, German: Belgische Nationalbank) has been the central bank of Belgium since 1850.

How many banks are there in Belgium?

The banking system in Belgium There are currently 95 different banks operating in Belgium. The majority of them are foreign-owned banks, which run serviced from 3,195 branches (increasing to 5,896 when independent bank agent branches are included).

What is the currency of Belgium?

EuroBelgium / Currency
Adoption of the euro The euro banknotes and coins were introduced in Belgium on 1 January 2002, after a transitional period of three years when the euro was the official currency but only existed as ‘book money’.

Where is Belgian bank located?

BNP Paribas Fortis BNP Fortis Belgium started its operations in 1990. The bank employs over 33,700 staff and is headquartered in Brussels.

Which is the biggest bank in Belgium?

BNP Paribas Fortis
Major Banks of Belgium

Rank Name Total Assets
1 BNP Paribas Fortis 247.04 bln EUR (+10.57%)
2 KBC Bank 206.06 bln EUR (+15.13%)
3 BELFIUS BANK 167.09 bln EUR (+10.86%)
4 ING BELGIUM 138.31 bln EUR (+0.72%)

Who regulates banks in Belgium?

Financial Services and Markets Authority (Belgium)

Agency overview
Preceding agency Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (Belgium)
Jurisdiction Belgium
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Agency executive Servais, Jean-Paul, Chairman

How much is a Belgian franc?

Convert Belgian Franc to US Dollar

1 BEF 0.0265348 USD
5 BEF 0.132674 USD
10 BEF 0.265348 USD
25 BEF 0.663369 USD

Is Belgium a rich country?

Belgium is the sixth richest country in the world: this has been confirmed in the recent edition of the Allianz Global Wealth Report 2016. The same report also demonstrates an increase in the global financial average this year. The global net fortune has grown by 7.6% to a total of 128.5 billion euros.

Is Belgium good place to live?

Belgium is a very family-friendly country to live in. It has good educational, healthcare, and cultural facilities in all the main cities. Belgium is generally quite a safe place to live. Brussels has many municipalities popular with young families and the city has some of the best international schools.

What is the name of bank in Belgium?

List of banks in Belgium

Bank name Parent or group Head office location
ING Belgium ING Group Brussels
KBC Bank KBC Group NV Brussels
Keytrade Bank Crédit Agricole (100%) (2007) Brussels
MeDirect Bank Belgium MeDirect Bank Malta Brussels

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Belgium?

Opening up a bank account for foreigners in Belgium is easy and straight forward. You can open an online account without setting foot in a bank or just go to any bank office and take a proof of identity – a passport or a Belgian ID is usually enough – and you will get a bank account in no time.

What Is central bank regulatory?

Bank regulation is a form of government regulation which subjects banks to certain requirements, restrictions and guidelines, designed to create market transparency between banking institutions and the individuals and corporations with whom they conduct business, among other things.

Is a central bank regulated?

The two tiered system puts the central bank in control of the commercial banks. Therefore, the government authorities have delegated some of the regulatory responsibilities to the central bank.

How much is 400 Belgian francs in dollars?

9.94 USD
Belgian francs to US dollars conversion table

amount convert Result
200 BEF BEF 4.97 USD
300 BEF BEF 7.46 USD
400 BEF BEF 9.94 USD
500 BEF BEF 12.43 USD

How much is a Belgian franc worth in US dollars?

0.0250023 USD
Convert Belgian Franc to US Dollar

1 BEF 0.0250023 USD
5 BEF 0.125011 USD
10 BEF 0.250023 USD
25 BEF 0.625057 USD

Why is Belgium so poor?

One of the major causes of poverty in Belgium is that many families that are headed by single parents suffer from an inadequate income. Single parents, especially those who work low-wage jobs, bring home less income than parents who share their total household incomes with their spouses.

Where do the rich live in Belgium?

The richest provinces are Flemish and Walloon Brabant, followed by East Flanders. Looking at municipalities, Sint-Martens-Latem beats Keerbergen (north of Leuven), Lasne (south of Brussels), Oud-Heverlee (near Leuven) and De Pinte (south of Ghent).

What is the cheapest city to live in Belgium?

The three cheapest municipalities in Belgium are Colfontaine, Quaregnon and Boussu, all in the suburbs of Mons. Mons itself is the 50th cheapest nationwide.