Who makes the TD04 turbo?

Who makes the TD04 turbo?

Mitsubishi Turbocharger
This TD04 20T is MHI’s high-performance bolt-on upgrade turbo for all BMW N20 engines….Turbine Specifications.

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Product Name Mitsubishi Turbocharger N20 BMW Stock Location TD04 20T Bolt On Performance Turbo
Weight 24.500000
Brand MHI

What Turbo does a EJ20 have?

The Legacy GT, the EJ20X engine was fitted with a twin-scroll IHI VF38 turbocharger; the EJ20Y engine, however, had a larger twin-scroll Mitsubishi TD04 HLA 19T turbocharger.

What is a VF34 turbo?

All IHI VF turbos are a bolt-on for Subaru EJ20, EJ22 & EJ25 engines. The VF34 is a good comprimise and is still capable of holding boost pressures to higher RPM than the standard TD04 turbo, but will spool up quickly. It will still be slightly more laggy than the TD04 but not really all that noticeable.

Does Subaru still use the EJ engine?

In 2020, Subaru announced the last production version of the EJ series motor that has been in their family for, well, awhile now. The EJ Engine came to the US in 2002 and the first Subaru STI model was brought to us in 2004.

How big is a vf52 turbo?

Turbine Wheel: 53mm/48mm.

What is tdo4?

“TD04” represents only part of the turbo’s full designation; the turbo’s full name may be TD04-13G or TD04-15T. The first series of numbers and letters — TD04 — designate the turbine housing/wheel design and diameter, The second series — 13G or 15T — represents the compressor housing/wheel design and diameter.

How much HP can a EJ20 handle?

300 whp
300 whp: The EJ20/EJ25 engines can handle 300 whp maximum with stock internals with no further modifications other than a proper fuel management tune.

What Subaru has a VF52 turbo?

Subaru WRX
Here, you are looking at the Subaru OEM IHI VF52 Turbocharger. This is the factory turbocharger that came equipped in the Subaru WRX from 2009-2012 models and makes for a nice upgrade over the factory turbocharger.

What Subaru has a VF52?

The VF52 is designed for the 08-14 WRX/ Legacy GT style top mount.

What flange does a TD04 use?

For TD04 Subaru Turbo Turbine to Dump Pipe Flange 9mm Stainless Steel.

What flange is a TD04?

Subaru TD04 Turbo Exhaust Outlet Flange 12mm Mild Steel.