Who is the current King of Sweden?

Who is the current King of Sweden?

King Carl XVI Gustaf
On that date in 1976, Sweden’s current King Carl XVI Gustaf married Queen Silvia. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the seventh monarch of the House of Bernadotte. He was born on 30 April 1946 as the fifth child and only son of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla.

What religion is the King of Sweden?

Church of Sweden
Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus; born 30 April 1946) is King of Sweden….

Carl XVI Gustaf
Mother Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Religion Church of Sweden

Is King Carl Gustaf related to Queen Elizabeth?

United Kingdom: King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Elizabeth II are third cousins. They are descendants of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Who was King of Sweden during WWII?

Gustaf V

Gustaf V
Gustaf V in 1938
King of Sweden
Reign 8 December 1907 – 29 October 1950
Predecessor Oscar II

How rich is the King of Sweden?

70 million USD
Coming in at the top as the richest royal family in Scandinavia is the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, who is reportedly worth a staggering 70 million USD. As a part of the King’s private estate, you will find the family’s summer residence, Solliden palace, which is located on the island Öland in Sweden.

Does Sweden have an army?

The Swedish Armed Forces consists of three service branches; the Army, the Air Force and the Navy, with addition of the military reserve force Home Guard.

Is alcohol illegal in Sweden?

Alcohol can be sold in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The age limit is 18, though some nightclubs voluntarily require a minimum age at the door above 18 (usually 20 or 23, occasionally up to 27; 30 has occurred).

Does Sweden speak English?

English might not be the official language in Sweden, but almost everyone in Sweden excels at speaking it. In 2017 Sweden ranked 2nd out of 80 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index ↗️ (EF EPI), which measures the language proficiency of non-native speaking countries.

Was there a real Queen Christina of Sweden?

Christina, Swedish Kristina, (born Dec. 8, 1626, Stockholm, Swed. —died April 19, 1689, Rome [Italy]), queen of Sweden (1644–54) who stunned all Europe by abdicating her throne. She subsequently attempted, without success, to gain the crowns of Naples and of Poland.

Are all the royal families of Europe related?

Hence, all current reigning kings and queens in Europe, including the Netherlands, are related through the line of George II of Great Britain.)

Did Russia go to war with Sweden?

The Russo-Swedish War of 1788–1790 was fought between Sweden and Russia from June 1788 to August 1790….Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790)

Russo-Swedish War of 1788–1790
Russian Empire Denmark–Norway (1788–1789) Sweden Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders

How rich is the king of Sweden?

Who is the richest family in Sweden?

Stefan Persson is Sweden’s richest person by way of global cheap chic fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz, of which he owns 36%. Persson stepped down as chairman in May 2020 after 22 years in the role; his son Karl-Johan succeeded him. H&M was founded by Persson’s father Erling in 1947.

Who are Sweden’s enemies?

Brandenburg and Russia, together with such older states as Denmark and Poland, were natural enemies of Sweden.

How powerful is Sweden?

For 2022, Sweden is ranked 25 of 142 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* score of 0.4231 (a score of 0.0000 is considered ‘perfect’). This entry last updated on 01/12/2022.

Are Swedish big drinkers?

With over 42 percent of all alcohol sales in Sweden, the typical Swedish drink recreational of today is a glass of wine. “And a big portion of it is bag-in-box wine”, explains Eva Lenneman, curator at Spritmusuem in Stockholm. “Swedes are in fact the biggest BiB-drinkers in the world”.

What is Sweden famous for?

Sweden is famous for its abundant forests and lakes. It’s a nation of keen recyclers, hikers and Fika takers, and it’s the Pop Music Capital of the World. Sweden is also known for brands such as IKEA, Spotify and Volvo.

Is Sweden Safe?

Sweden is considered one of the safest countries in the world for both residents and tourists alike. In fact, most travelers don’t have to consider any safety issues in Sweden as long as they’re taking basic precautions and using common sense to avoid scammers, petty criminals, and thieves.