Who is Gonzalo in Pablo Escobar?

Who is Gonzalo in Pablo Escobar?

José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha (May 14, 1947 – December 15, 1989), also known by the nicknames ‘Don Sombrero’ and El Mexicano (English: The Mexican), was a Colombian drug lord who was one of the leaders of the notorious Medellín Cartel along with the Ochoa Brothers and Pablo Escobar.

What happened Escobar’s wife?

After changing her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero, Escobar’s widow was finally able to create a home in Argentina. Once there, she and her family maintained a very low profile–despite their cautions, however, Maria and her son were arrested in 1999 after their whereabouts were revealed by a television show.

Where is Escobar’s daughter?

According to her brother Juan Pablo (who still goes by the name Sebastián Marroquín), Manuela has attempted to take her own life. And now, she reportedly lives with her brother and his wife for her own health and safety.

Is Pablos money still buried?

At one time the most wanted man on the planet, the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar buried huge amounts of his estimated $50 billion fortune all over Colombia. The vast majority of this money has never been recovered.

Who is Pablo Escobar’s ex-wife Maria Victoria Henao?

Who is Maria Victoria Henao? Maria Victoria ‘Tata’ Henao was born in Palmira Valle Del Cueca, Colombia, in 1961 – her zodiac sign is said to be Aquarius, and she holds Colombian nationality. She’s known only for being the former wife of Pablo Escobar, the late Colombian drug lord.

Did Pablo Escobar have a wife and kids?

At age 15 Henao tied the knot with Escobar. The couple would have a son, Juan Pablo, and a daughter, Manuela. According to Maria Henao, her husband hid the specifics of his business from her. But eventually he had to hide from violent rivals and police.

What happened to Pablo Escobar and Maria Maria?

Maria’s life after Pablo’s death Pablo was shot and killed by the Colombian police in December 1993, after which Maria and their two children then started running and hiding from Pablo’s enemies. They lived in various countries, although spending the majority of time in Buenos Aires.

Who was Pablo Escobar and what did he do?

Who was Pablo Escobar? Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, on 1 December 1949 – his zodiac sign was Sagittarius and he held Colombian nationality. He was the leader of the Medellin Cartel, and reputedly the richest criminal in history.