Who is better Raja or Widad?

Who is better Raja or Widad?

The Moroccan federation accorded the win to Raja. On September 29, 2001, during the 100th derby which was part of the semifinals for the Moroccan Throne Cup, Youssef Belkhouja, a Wydad player, died on the pitch of a heart attack.

Who owns Wydad Casablanca?

Wydad AC

Full name Wydad Athletic Club
President Said Naciri
Head Coach Walid Regragui
League Botola
2021–22 1st

Where is Wydad Casablanca from?

Casablanca, MoroccoWydad AC / Location

Which league is Wydad Casablanca?

Botola Pro 1CAF Champions LeagueArab Club Champions Cup
Wydad AC/Leagues

Who owns Raja Casablanca?

In domestic football, the club has won 20 trophies; 12 Botola titles, 8 Moroccan Throne Cup….Raja CA.

Full name Raja Club Athletic نادي الرجاء الرياضي
Founded 20 March 1949
Ground Stade Mohamed V Casablanca, Morocco
Capacity 67,000
President Aziz El Badraoui

Who won most CAF Champions League?

Wydad ACCAF Champions League / Latest Champion

How much is Raja Casablanca worth?

Raja Casablanca- net worth is estimated at $11.9 million.

How many trophies does Raja have?

14 official
Raja is also, with 14 official trophies, the most successful Moroccan club of the 21st century, and is the 4th most crowned club in Africa with 9 titles in official competitions.

How much is Ahly worth?

Al Ahly SC is the wealthiest team. They play in the Egyptian Premier League. It was formed in Cairo, Egypt, in 1907. It is valued at a whopping $28 million.

Which is the richest league in Africa?

the South African Premier Soccer League
The richest league is the South African Premier Soccer League. It boasts as the most supported throughout the continent. They enjoy high-income sponsorships from banks, telecommunication companies and also car companies. In the 2018-2019 season alone, they made a record $68 million.

Who owns Al Ahly?

Al Ahly has a record of 42 national league titles, 37 national cup titles and 11 national super cup titles, making them the most decorated club in Egypt….Al Ahly SC.

Full name Al Ahly Sporting Club
Founded 24 April 1907
Ground Al Ahly WE Al Salam Stadium Cairo International Stadium
Capacity 30,000 75,000
Chairman Mahmoud El Khatib

Which team is rich in SA?

1. Mamelodi Sundowns – R382 million. Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club is the richest club in South Africa. The team is situated in Mamelodi in Tshwane.

What is the strongest football club in Africa?

Africa is a huge continent and it has produced some of the best talents in the football world….Table Of The Top 10 Best African Football Clubs.

Rank Club Country
1 Al Ahly Egypt
2 Esperance de Tunis Tunisia
3 Wydad Casablanca Morocco
4 Al Hilal Sudan