Who is Angie in nfs Carbon?

Who is Angie in nfs Carbon?

She is played by Danielle Kremeniuk.

How do you get Angie’s car in Need for Speed: Carbon?

Vehicles. Angie drives a Dodge Charger R/T that can be obtained through the pink slip marker from her Boss Bonus Cards.

How do you get Angie’s pink slip?

Pink slips are the three cards that the racer is presented with after winning a race against a boss in Carbon. A pink slip will get the racer cash, a unique upgrade, or the ultimate prize: the car driven by the boss during that race.

How do you get Darius car in Need for Speed Carbon?

After you win the canyon duel with Darius, the screen says that the player has unlocked the Le Mans Quattro, and 4 other cars, whichever the player cannot unlock in their career. Also, there is a cutscene after that screen, in which Darius gives you the car.

How can I get a pink slip for Angies?

Who is MIA in Nfsmw?

Josie Maran
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Video Game 2005) – Josie Maran as Mia – IMDb.

Who is the protagonist in NFS Most Wanted?

Travis from the 2015 game is the protagonist of the Underground/Most Wanted series.

Can you get Darius car in NFS Carbon?

Darius drives an Audi Le Mans quattro, which is a Tier 3 car that can only be unlocked as a Custom Car for Quick Race after beating him in the final Canyon Duel.

How do you get the Audi r8 in Need for Speed Carbon?

Unlocking. The Le Mans Quattro is unlocked for Quick Race after you defeat Darius. However, in the PC version, it can be obtained in career with a purchase price for $250,000 if the player edits the VLT-ed config to change the IsCustomizable field from False to True.

How do you get the BMW M3 GTR in NFS Carbon Career Mode?

The BMW M3 GTR is unlocked by completing a reward card. It is one of the hardest rewards to obtain in the game.

Who plays Darius in NFS Carbon?

Tahmoh Penikett
Born May 20, 1975 Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Citizenship Canada, United Kingdom
Occupation Actor
Years active 1996–present

How do you get pink slip in NFS Carbon?

How to Get Angie’s Pink Slip in Need for Speed: Carbon

  1. Turning Off the Autosave Feature.
  2. Racing with Angie.
  3. Purchasing a Tuner Car and Tuning It Up to the Maximum.

Who is razor in NFS?

Clarence Callahan
Clarence Callahan – better known as “Razor” – is the main antagonist of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.