Which type of bangles is chosen by bride?

Which type of bangles is chosen by bride?

Bengali brides traditionally wear red and white bangles. Shakha (white bangles) are made of conch shells while the Pola (red bangles) are made of red corals. It is believed that the bride has to be careful not to break these bangles during the first year of marriage and if it does, it is considered as a bad omen.

What are the Indian bridal accessories?

Know the Significance of Different Accessories for Indian Bride from Poppy Bangles to Tinkling Anklets

  • Gajra (Flower Garland) The Wedding Salad.
  • Bindi. Weddingnama.
  • Maang Tikka. CoolBluez Photography.
  • Nose Ring (Nath) Bhaven Jani Photography.
  • Mangalsutra. True Shades Photography.
  • Bajuband (Armlets)
  • Bangles.
  • Anklets.

How much gold do you give a bride?

So, they have 22 years to accumulate gold for her marriage. In Ritesh and Priya’s case, quantity of gold required to buy in each month = 200 grams / 264 months i.e. 0.76 gram (approx 0.75 gm).

What are the Indian bridal jewellery?


  • Chains.
  • Necklaces.
  • Earrings.
  • Bangles.
  • Gold.
  • Diamond.
  • Gemstone.

How many bangles should a bride wear?

Traditionally there are 21 bangles, although more recently the bride often wears 7, 9 or 11 bangles. The bangles range in size according to the circumference of the top of the forearm and the wrist end so that the set fits neatly.

Why do brides wear red bangles?

The red coloured bangles in the chuda symbolise closeness as the bride is supposed to be close and connected from deep within with her husband. The red bangles also stand for fertility and prosperity and the bride is meant to wear the chuda for a minimum of 40-45 days from the day of her wedding.

What all should a bride buy?

Check out the list below!

  • Jewellery. In terms of jewellery, carry the jewels you bought for your wedding functions.
  • Bangles. Since you’ll have a few suits, sarees and lehengas packed in your trousseau, we suggest you carry bangles that match your outfits.
  • Bindis.
  • Saree Pins.
  • Hair Accessories.

Who gives bride gold?

It is a cultural tradition for the mother to pass on her wedding jewellery to her daughter, irrespective of the change in modern designs.

How do I choose an Indian bridal Jewellery?

How do I Choose Indian Bridal Jewellery?

  1. The wedding dress should match with the Indian Jewellery. Most brides prefer to buy a bridal lehenga first before opting for jewellery.
  2. Don’t go overboard, go with what makes your comfortable.
  3. Check your neckline.
  4. Bridal Jewellery should be according to your face shape.

Which type of bridal Jewellery is best?

Though Temple jewellery makes up for quite a valuable and precious part of the South Indian culture, it is unmissably favored by other brides as well. Created in pure gold or other pure metals with semi-precious & precious gemstones encrusted, Temple jewellery visibly stands out from the rest.

Who puts choora on bride?

maternal uncles
The bridal choora is given to the bride by her maternal uncles and they put the bangles on the bride’s hands. The bride has a choice in the design and helps selecting the size. The choora ceremony is held on the morning on the wedding day or a day before.

What should we carry after marriage?

They include safety pins, tissues, cotton, hair clips, bobby pins, handkerchiefs, stitching thread and needle, ear buds, a loofah, handtowels, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other such small essentials you specifically need.

How much gold does a Indian bride have?

Princely gifts of gold bars and coins being given to the happy couple by guests and well-wishers. On an average, Indian weddings see at least 2 to 3 kilos of gold according to a recent study, which goes on to say that the richer households see several more kilos on display.

Do brides wear real jewellery?

Very honestly there is no right answer to your question. It all depends on your budget, personality and availability of resources if you ask me. If you have a small budget, imitation is always better. But if you are someone who wears gold/diamonds regularly then real jewellery is better as you will use it.