Which train is running from Mumbai to Surat?

Which train is running from Mumbai to Surat?

Popular Trains from Mumbai to Surat

Train name and number Starting station
12471 – BDTS SVDK SPL Runs onMTWTFSS 11:00 AM BDTS Mumbai 10 KM from BCT
22953 – GUJRAT SF EXP Runs onMTWTFSS 05:50 AM DDR Mumbai 5 KM from BCT
19019 – BDTS HW EXP Runs onMTWTFSS 12:05 AM BDTS Mumbai 10 KM from BCT
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How many train from Mumbai to Surat?

There are 107 weekly trains and 26 daily trains that run from Mumbai to Surat , covering the shortest distance of about 263 km by RAMNAGAR EXPRESS(22975).

Can I travel Surat by train?

You can easily get regular trains to Surat from other major cities of the country..

Which trains are running from Surat?

Train Originates from Surat (ST)

  • ST AMRAVATI PASS-59025. ST – AMI. Schedule & Route.
  • BHUSAVAL PASS-59013. ST – BSL. Schedule & Route.
  • ST BHAGALPUR EX-22947. ST – BGP.
  • SURAT PURI EXP-22828. ST – PURI.
  • ST MFP EXPRESS-19053. ST – MFP.
  • TAPTI GANGA EXP-19045. ST – SIP.

Can one travel Surat from Mumbai?

The fastest way to reach from Mumbai to Surat is flight to Surat Airport and takes 1h 10m. The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Surat is train to Surat and takes 2h 59m. Train numbers 02925, 02480, 02903 etc. Buses from Chartered Express, Neeta Travels (Laxmi Travels), Gujarat travels etc.

How many hours is Surat from Mumbai in train?

The first train on this route is TPJ HUMSAFAR SUP and leaves Surat at 00:06 am , and the last train from Surat to Mumbai is MHV BDTS S FAST and leaves Surat at 23:55 pm. The average time taken to connect these cities is 4:21 hours.

How many railway stations are there in Surat?

Surat railway station

Line(s) New Delhi–Mumbai main line Surat–Jalgaon line Ahmedabad–Mumbai main line Ahmedabad–Chennai line Howrah–Ahmedabad line
Platforms 4
Tracks 6

How can I go Surat?

By TRAIN. Railway is most preferred mode of transport to reach Surat considering the frequency of trains from Mumbai. Surat railways station is an important station of western railways. It has a good connectivity to almost all Indian cities via Mumbai in Maharashtra (256 km) and Ahmedabad in Gujarat (230 km).

Which station is after Surat?

Top 10 stations in District – Surat

Station Name Distance
1 Surat (ST) Dist – Surat (Gujarat)
2 Udhna Jn (UDN) Dist – Surat (Gujarat) 4 kms
3 Kosamba Jn (KSB) Dist – Surat (Gujarat) 31 kms
4 Kim (KIM) Dist – Surat (Gujarat) 23 kms

What is the station before Surat?

Major Railway Stations near Surat Gujarat India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(ST)SURAT 667 2.46 Kms
(NVS)NAVSARI 256 29.19 Kms
(KSB)KOSAMBA JN 112 33.12 Kms

What can I buy in Surat?

What Surat is Famous For

  • Diamond and Gold Jewellery. Jewelry Shopping in surat (source)
  • Cleanliness. The clean streets of Surat.
  • Unique Street Food. Surti Locho (source)
  • Beautiful Silk Sarees. Silk saree shopping in surat (source)
  • Handicrafts. Handicrafts (source)
  • Sandy Beaches.
  • Surat Castle.
  • Sardar Patel Museum.

When train will start in Maharashtra?

Mumbai local train services will start from August 15 for people who have taken both the doses of Covid-19 vaccine, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced on Sunday. Local train operations were shut down in April this year during the ravaging second wave of Covid-19.