Which environment management system at TCS facilities involves the implementation?

Which environment management system at TCS facilities involves the implementation?

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What is Ainme in TCS?

Advanced Nuclear Interface Modeling Environment (ANIME): A Tool for Developing Human-Computer Interfaces for Experimental Process Control Systems.

What is TCS stated environmental objective?

By optimizing its energy consumption, TCS achieves its 2020 target to reduce its specific carbon footprint by 50%. To reiterate its commitment to environmental sustainability, TCS has already achieved its 2020 target of reducing its specific carbon footprint by 50% (relative to baseline year 2007-08).

What does Ainme stand for in health and safety?

accident, incident and near- miss
Ensure that their staff are aware of and use the accident, incident and near- miss (AINME) reporting procedures employed by BAS.

What are greenhouse gases in TCS?

Atmospheric trace gases that keep the Earth’s surface warm are known as greenhouse gases. About three-quarters of the natural greenhouse effect is due to water vapour. The next most significant greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. Methane, nitrous oxide, ozone in the lower atmosphere, and CFCs are also greenhouse gases.

What is the difference between ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001?

The ISO 14001 concentrates on managing a company’s external environment for regulatory compliance and reduced pollution. In contrast, the OHSAS 18001 strives to ensure safety internally in the workplace by getting both workers and management involved in risk reduction.

What is manual handling and lifting?

Manual handling means transporting or supporting a load by hand or bodily force. It includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, moving or carrying a load. A load is a moveable object, such as a box or package, a person or an animal, or something being pushed or pulled, such as a roll cage or pallet truck.

Does TCS have e waste management policy?

TCS generates limited waste thanks to its services focus, and believes in recycling what is generated. TCS’ waste management practices are centered around reduction in generation, segregation at source, and reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Which of the following initiatives help harvest renewable energy in TCS office?

The correct option is B that is “Solar photovoltaic cells”

What are HSE TCS policies?

TCS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to its associates, business partners and other stakeholders. TCS recognises that occupational health and safety (OH&S) and overall physical and mental well-being of its employees is integral to its success and growth aspirations.

What is the frequency of fire evacuation drill in TCS?

FREQUENCY OF DRILLS At least once in every 3 months for existing buildings and for new buildings during the first two years after the issuance of the certificate of occupancy. There after fire & emergency drills shall be conducted once in every six months.

What are greenhouse gases TCS Mcq?

Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases are methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide, CFCs and ozone. It also refers to the increase in the average temperature of the air and sea at the earth’s surface.

How can TCS reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

At the core of TCS’ strategy to reduce its carbon footprint is improved energy efficiency through the addition of more green buildings to the company’s real estate portfolio, reduction of IT system power usage, and the use of TCS Clever Energy™, which leverages IoT, machine learning and AI to optimize energy …

What does ISO 14001 mean?

ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.

What is ISO 14001 certified mean?

Quality Glossary Definition: ISO 14001. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

What does manual handling involve?

Manual handling means transporting or supporting a load by hand or bodily force. It includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving loads. A load can be an object, person or animal.

Which initiative can help TCS become zero waste to landfill Organisation?

Onsite biodegradable waste treatment units like biodigester or organic waste composter. Vermicomposting pits to compost the garden waste. Waste segregations at source. Recycling all recyclable wastes.

What is reuse platform in TCS?

The Reuse Platformone stop repository for code snippets, reusable components, tools & solutions and reuse documentation. one can search for assets, submit new assets that you developed or request new assets that help you and other TCS associates improve productivity. MindWorks. a social quizzing platform in TCS.

Which initiative has helped to reduce the specific emission due to business at travel at TCS?

TCS’ Vision 25×25 is a strategic lever that delinks TCS’ business growth from campus expansion, and brings down emissions related to employee commutes and business travel.

What is HSE management system?

Manual HSE Management System ii Introduction The Africa Oil Corporation HSE Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations with regards to health, safety, and the environment.

What does hsems stand for?

HSE Management System (HSEMS) at a glance Managememt Commitment Leadership and Accountability Policies & Strategic Objectives Organisation, Responsibilities, Resources & Documents Hazard and Effect Management process Planning and Procedures Implementation & Monitoring Audit Review AFRICA OIL CORPORATION

Why did we develop the hsems manual?

To ensure the successful implementation of the HSE Policy across the organization, we developed the HSEMS Manual in FY2007 referencing standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This manual was revised in FY2017 based on the international standards OMS510 *1 issued by IOGP.

What are the 11 elements of a successful HSE management system?

11 Elements of a Successful HSE Management System 1. A WAY TO CONTROL AND DISTRIBUTE UP-TO-DATE DOCUMENTS. Whether you use Google Drive, another cloud platform, or good… 2. SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLISTS. Creating safety inspection checklists serves many purposes—they establish a baseline… 3. RISK