Where is Viega PEX made?

Where is Viega PEX made?

the USA
Made in the USA and designed to save energy, Viega PEX solutions reduce the potential for leaks and increase confidence and peace of mind.

What type of PEX is Viega?

PEX-b tubing
The Viega PEX system uses the PEX-b tubing (although you could also use another brands PEX-a) and a pressed ring securing the PEX to the fittings. Some advantages with the pressing system is that the fitting are now available with press rings already built-in.

Is Viega Made in USA?

Viega has offices and or manufacturing plants in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Does Viega work on PEX?

Q: Are Viega PEX Press fittings compatible with other brands of tubing? A: PEX press connection method is compatible with all types of PEX tubing (A, B, C), as long as the fittings are installed using Viega PEX press tools.

Can Viega PEX be crimped?

Viega PureFlow PEX Crimp fittings are compatible with the industry-standard black copper crimp ring. No O-rings are required. First position the crimp ring 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the end of the tubing.

Which is better crimp or clamp PEX?

Stainless steel clamp rings resist corrosion more effectively than copper crimp rings, which can be a major benefit in direct-burial applications. PEX clamps also tend to be easier to remove.

Can you use Uponor pipe with Viega fittings?

They work with all Viega PEX tubing (including FostaPEX), as well as all other brands and types (A, B, C). Watts and Uponor press fittings are designed for use only with PEX-AL-PEX tubing (any brand).

How long does PEX tubing last?

30 to 50 years
While you can expect PEX to last for 30 to 50 years, copper piping will outdo it by about two decades, with a typical lifespan of 50 to 70 years. Copper is a more durable option that isn’t susceptible to rodents or sunlight. These pipes can easily handle water pressure of up to 1,000 psi.

Which is better PEX A or PEX B?

Bottom line, PEX A is more resistant to burst pressure than PEX B. PEX A’s expansive material can handle up to 500 PSI, which makes it reliable in extremely cold temperatures. Since PEX B is a more rigid material, it will not hold up as well in similar situations.

Can you mix PEX A and PEX B?

There are two parts to this transition: the PEX-A MIP adapter and the PEX-B FIP adapter. These parts will thread together and allow you to join PEX-A to PEX-B. The PEX-A side will require an expansion ring while the PEX-B side requires the crimp ring.