Where are ESP Eclipse guitars made?

Where are ESP Eclipse guitars made?

An ESP USA Eclipse. ESP USA models are made in Southern California, and may be personalized with select top woods, finishes, and more. Formerly called “ESP Standard”, the ESP E-II Series are guitars built at the ESP factory in Japan.

Are ESP Made in Japan?

Original series and Custom Shop ESPs are handcrafted in Japan while the Standard Series ESPs are factory-made in Japan. In 1996, ESP started its “LTD” series. These guitars are similar to lower-end ESP guitars, but are more affordable and cater mainly for markets outside Japan.

When did the ESP Eclipse come out?

The first ESP Eclipse guitars were produced in the late 80’s but not in the way we know it today. It was originally a tele shaped body with an arched top, which was later discontinued. The name was carried over in 1993 to the model we know now. The Eclipse features a solid body with a single cutaway.

How can you tell a fake ESP?

There’s some warning signs:

  1. The dot inlays versus the flag style.
  2. The block ESP logo versus the script.
  3. The ESP stamp on the headstock looks off (this could be the photo itself)

What does ESP stand for in guitars?

“ESP” stands for “Electric Sound Products.” It is the name of an electric guitar company which is located in North Hollywood, California. The company is Japanese owned but America based. ESP started in Tokyo in 1975 as a company which produced replacement parts for custom guitars and was introduced in America in 1983.

How much does an ESP guitar weigh?

9.5 pounds
Product information

Item Weight 9.5 pounds
Fretboard Material Rosewood
Guitar Pickup Configuration H
Scale Length 24.75″ Scale
String Material Nickel Steel

How do I find the serial number on my guitar?

You can look up a serial number either in Gruhn’s Guide or run the number in the manufacturer’s database. The serial number itself will give you date information and the database will have a description of the guitar so you can check the specs of the guitar in question.

How thick is a ESP Eclipse?

This refers to the body depth, which is thicker than that regular Eclipse and built from mahogany, a maple cap and a flamed maple veneer to give a combined ‘Full Thickness’ of 60mm, as found on vintage single-cut guitars, as opposed to the standard overall thickness of 50mm.

Is ESP a good guitar brand?

Quick answer: ESP LTD are great high-value guitars that are built for metal. Common budget guitar problems like fret buzz, rough fret edges, and other minor flaws can be present especially with cheaper models. But most of the time, LTD’s are ready to rock out of the box without extra hassle.