What would be best for a day trip in Oslob?

What would be best for a day trip in Oslob?

Here are the activities you can do on a day trip to Oslob.

  1. Whale shark watching. Oslob is mostly known for its whale shark activity.
  2. Sumilon Island. Sumilon Island is a private island famous for its picturesque sand bar.
  3. Tumalog Falls. Tumalog Falls is a 15-minute ride from the resort area.
  4. Sunset viewing in Osmena Peak.

What makes Oslob a nice place to visit?

The list below will walk you through places that are often overlooked whenever people talk about Oslob.

  • Explore the Amazing Sumilon Island​
  • Swim at Tumalog Falls​
  • Explore the Baluarte Ruins.
  • Take Photos of the Cuartel Ruins.
  • Have a Dip at the Mainit Springs.
  • See the Surviving Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church.

What is Oslob Cebu known for?

Oslob is located at the southern tip of Cebu. It’s a small coastal town but it has become world famousbecause of the whale sharks or the largest fish on the planet that roam its seas, locally known as butanding or tuki.

Is Oslob worth visiting?

So the big question is, is it worth visiting? Definitely yes, but if this is something against your belief, I am not going to convince you to do it. You can still visit Oslob and enjoy the place without doing the whale shark watching. They have amazing falls and an interesting town proper.

How much is whale shark watching in Oslob?

OSLOB WHALE SHARKS TOUR PRICE & HOW TO BOOK At the time of writing, it’s around $20 USD (1000 php) for both foreigners and locals, but there’s talk of it going back to $10 for locals soon.

What outdoor activities are famous in Oslob?

Outdoor Activities in Oslob

  • Dolphin & Whale Watching.
  • Scuba & Snorkeling.
  • Canyoning & Rappelling Tours.
  • Boat Tours.
  • Shark Diving.
  • Nature & Wildlife Tours.
  • Adrenaline & Extreme Tours.
  • Beaches.

How much is the entrance fee in Oslob?

How much is the fee for whale watching in Oslob?

How much is a taxi from Cebu to Oslob?

₱1,700 – ₱2,100
The quickest way to get from Cebu City to Oslob is to taxi which costs ₱1,700 – ₱2,100 and takes 1h 40m.

Can I swim with whale sharks on my period?

Swimming in the ocean while on your period does not increase your risk of being attacked by a shark. There’s just no evidence to prove that a shark is attracted to period blood, or that you’ll somehow bleed so much while in the water that a shark would be prompted to attack you.

How much is the bus fare from Cebu City to Oslob?

Ceres Bus Fares Cebu to Oslob

Origin Destination Price
Cebu Oslob ₱200+
Cebu Moalboal ₱157+
Cebu Bato ₱257+

Where is sumilon island located?

Sumilon Island is a small 24 hectare coral island located off the tip of Cebu. Famous for both snorkeling, diving and enjoying the sand bar there. Sumilon Island was the second marine sanctuary to be setup in the Philippines.

How much is whale watching Cebu?

At the Oslob, Cebu whale shark watching site, you can choose to snorkel or scuba right next to these harmless creatures. If you’re Filipino, prices are 1,000 PHP and 4,000 PHP respectively.

Are there still whale sharks in Oslob?

In 2011 photos of snorkelers with whale sharks were published in a big international newspaper and snorkeling with whale sharks in Oslob started. 177 Former fishermen in partnership with local government formed a company the Oslob Whale Sharks (OWS) and are still running whale shark tourism in this town.

Can you swim with a whale shark?

Journey with Gentle Giants is the only opportunity in the world where you are guaranteed to swim with whale sharks, manta rays and more. You’ll get to swim with a snorkel in the Ocean Voyager exhibit, built by The Home Depot, with thousands of amazing animals for the experience of a lifetime.

How much is it to swim with whale sharks in Cebu?

Arranged through a hotel or tour agent, the price to swim with whale sharks will be 1,150 Pesos ($23 USD). Fins (which I recommend), will cost an additional 150 pesos ($3) to rent.

Which is better Oslob or Bantayan?

Oslob. You may find bantayan too peaceful. One advantage of being in Oslob is if you get bored you can just take a bus/jeep/motorcycle to get to other towns while in Batanyan you need to cross the sea. Bantayan is best suited to those who enjoy sunbathing all day on a nice beach amidst peace and tranquility.