What station is Air1 in Texas?

What station is Air1 in Texas?

KAGT-FM 90.5 KAGT (90.5 FM) “Air1 Radio” is a 2,500-watt Air1 affiliate which programs 24 hours of conservative Christian music and Bible teaching.

What is the station for Air1?

List of Air1 stations

Call sign Frequency State
KYLA 92.7 CA
KAWF 88.5 CA
KHRI 90.7 CA
K216EM 91.1 CA

Where can I listen to Air1?

You can listen to Air1 online through iHeartRadio or in your car with the iHeartRadio App.

What are the call numbers for Air1?


  • General Info & Business. 888.YES.AIR1 (888.937.2471)
  • Contest & Studio. 888.WIN.AIR1 (888.946.2471)
  • Feedback Line. 888.956.1300.

Is Air1 and klove the same?

Educational Media Foundation (EMF) began as a single, non-profit radio station in Northern California in 1982 and is now the parent company to K-LOVE and Air1β€”the nation’s largest contemporary Christian radio networks.

What happened to K-Love radio station?

On November 2, 2020, K-Love Classics was discontinued; the stations carrying the network flipped to a transitional Christmas music program as K-Love Christmas, with the EMF stating plans for new programming to premiere in 2021.

Is Air1 still on the air?

As of December 2017, the network lists 123 full powered radio stations and 125 translators of various power levels reaching 43 states. Air1 began as a Christian rock-formatted radio network with the tagline “The Positive Alternative”.

Is K-LOVE now Air1?

Last year, the popular syndicated K-LOVE morning program, “The Skip & Amy Show,” relocated from Indianapolis to a studio in Franklin. Air1 programs are also broadcasted from this studio. Educational Media Foundation’s promotions, AccessMore podcasting, live events and WTA Media teams also have offices in the region.

How do you call K-love?

You can call us at 1-800-525-5683 or email us at [email protected] and we can see if an issue has been reported.

Where is Air1 based?

NASHVILLE (March 24, 2021) – Educational Media Foundation (EMF) – parent company to K-LOVE and Air1 radio networks, AccessMore podcasts and WTA Media – will establish over the next three years a new global headquarters in the Nashville region, the heart of the contemporary Christian entertainment industry.

What is the K-LOVE station in Dallas?

88.9 K-LOVE Radio KYLV, K222AW 92.3 FM, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Is Air1 and K-LOVE the same?

What station is Caleb?

K-LOVE 107.5 FM.

What station is K-Love on in Texas?

KYLR (97.1 FM) The Educational Media Foundation (EMF), which operates the national K-LOVE Radio network will provide satellite programming to KVLW.

Is Air1 owned by K-LOVE?