What state is #1 in education 2020?

What state is #1 in education 2020?

New Jersey is the top state for education. It’s followed by Massachusetts, Florida, Washington and Colorado to round out the top five. Six of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall.

Which state has the best performing schools?

States with the Best Public Schools

  1. Massachusetts. Massachusetts has the best public school system in the U.S. 48.8% of Massachusetts’s eligible schools ranked in the top 25% of high school rankings, a total of 167 schools.
  2. Connecticut.
  3. New Jersey.
  4. Virginia.
  5. Vermont.
  6. New Hampshire.
  7. Minnesota.
  8. Wisconsin.

What are the top 10 states for education in India?

Top 10 Highest Literate States of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank State Literacy
1 Kerala 94.00
2 Lakshadweep 91.85
3 Mizoram 91.33

Which is the smartest state in India?

Kerala is the most literate state in India, with a 96.2% literacy rate, according to a report based on a National Statistical Office survey. After Kerala, Delhi has the highest literacy rate in the country at 88.7%. Whereas, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar have the worst literacy rate, as per the report.

Which is the No 2 educated state in India?

Delhi comes second in the list with a literacy rate of 88.7 percent, with the male literacy rate standing at 90.94 percent and the female literacy at 87.33 percent.

Which US states have the best education system?

It’s followed by New Jersey, Florida, Washington and New Hampshire to round out the top five. Seven of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall.

What are the best States in the US for academic performance?

State Rankings State Academic Performance Rank Safety Rank Community Rank Overall Rank Georgia 31 20 26 18 Kentucky 12 41 50 19 Kansas 26 26 21 20 Hawaii 36 5 29 21

How does educational performance vary across states?

These maps and tables present a surprising amount of variation. States that excel on some measures of educational performance perform poorly in other areas. States that lag in one area of educational performance are leaders on other indices of performance and policy.

Is Utah a good place to live for Education?

Utah was the third-best state in the country for education. Students in Utah have the lowest debt at graduation, which average $20,000 and are the lowest of any state in the United States. The state was ranked as the second position in the country, based on high school education.