What local channels are on TVision?

What local channels are on TVision?

TVision Live plans carry local ABC, Fox, NBC, and Telemundo affiliates in many markets; it won’t carry CBS, The CW, and Univision at all. It select markets it carries MyNetworkTV affiliates. Currently, it has 400+ live local affiliates across markets, including live ABC, NBC, and FOX in most of the top 100 markets.

Is TVision discontinued?

TVision will cease to exist as a subscription service at the end of April 2021. In a blog post from T-Mobile president and CEO Mike Sievert, it was announced that both TVision LIVE and TVision VIBE will sunset on April 29, 2021. The company is no longer taking new sign-ups for subscriptions to the service.

Is T-Mobile shutting down TVision?

Goodbye TVision, we hardly knew you. On April 29 T-Mobile will wind down its live TV streaming service, which launched just five months ago. Instead the wireless carrier will partner with other services, namely Philo and YouTube TV, by offering $10 off their monthly subscription prices.

What is replacing TVision?

In addition to the YouTube TV element, T-Mobile also announced a broad agreement with Google that will see services like Messages and Google One become default tools for its mobile users. Pixel and Android devices and their capabilities on T-Mobile 5G networks will also be promoted through the partnership.

Do you get local channels with T-Mobile?

Vibe includes channels such as AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel, while the Live tiers add local channels including ABC, Fox and NBC (but not CBS) in select markets, as well as Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN and Fox News.

How many channels do you get with TVision?

It has 30+ channels, but it doesn’t include DVR by default. You’ll have to add that on for an extra fee. The last tier is called “TVision CHANNELS” and it’s an add-on to the other tiers. You can choose your own premium channels (such as Starz, Epix, and Showtime) and add them to the same bill.

Is TVision coming back?

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Does TVision have internet?

Rather than having your live TV channels come from a cable or satellite dish box connected to your TV, TVision streams over the internet. You can watch TVision with the app that’s available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Google TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

Is T-Mobile TVision free?

Current TVision VIBE customers can get a FREE month of Philo to start (regularly $20/mo). Again, because THANK YOU! ALL T-Mobile postpaid wireless and Sprint consumer customers — are eligible for our incredible TVision partner offers: $10 per month off YouTube TV and/or Philo, starting on April 6.

Is TVision the same as YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is facing new competition from T-Mobile’s live TV streaming service called TVision….Plans and Pricing.

TVision Vibe $10/month
TVision Live TV $40/month
TVision Live TV+ $50/month
TVision Live Zone $60/month

What TV service is free with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile Free Streaming Apple TV+: New and existing T-Mobile and Sprint customers on Magenta and Magenta MAX plans (including segment plans such as 55+, Military and First Responders) can get Apple TV+ free for one year (limited time offer).

How much is TVision a month?

TVision Live TV: $40 per month, DVR included. TVision Live TV+: $50 per month, DVR included. TVision Live Zone: $60 per month, DVR included. TVision CHANNELS: Starz ($8.99 per month), Showtime ($10.99 per month), Epix ($5.99 per month).

Does T-Mobile TV have local channels?

How many channels does TVision have?

Stream live tv from 85+ top channels of entertainment, sports, and news. With 6 household accounts included in your subscription, you can watch favorites on demand, or be sure to record them with unlimited DVR space.

Why is Philo $25 a month?

Budget streaming service Philo is increasing the price of its $20 TV bundle. Starting June 8th, it will cost $25 per month to access the service if you’re a new customer, the company told Deadline.

Does TVision work on Roku?

TVision is not compatible with Roku players at launch, but it does support Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google TV devices to stream content to a TV set. If you don’t already have a device, T-Mobile has introduced the TVision HUB for a one-time cost of $50.

Does TVision have Hulu?

(TVision includes a few RSNs starting in its $50 Live Plus package; RSN coverage on the others varies widely.)…TVision Top 100 channel comparison.

Channel Cartoon Network
Sling Blue ($30) Yes
TVision Live TV ($40) Yes
Hulu with Live TV ($55) Yes
YouTube TV ($65) Yes

What happened TVision?

T-Mobile will shut down TVision Home, the pay TV service it built from its Layer3 acquisition, at the end of 2020. The company said that starting Dec. 30, it will no longer offer TVision Home service or high-speed internet service in its Pure Fiber and Double Play offerings.

Does TVision require internet?

TVision HUB is a Wi-Fi device; requires Internet connection and compatible router.