What is whisper in a sentence?

What is whisper in a sentence?

Verb He whispered in my ear. She leaned over and whispered to the girl next to her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were whispering. She leaned over and whispered something to the girl next to her.

How to use whispered in a sentence?

Whispered sentence example

  1. Play, he whispered into her ear.
  2. She whispered the first name that came to mind.
  3. She whispered in my ear, you won’t believe it.
  4. Everybody loved her, and this was the first time she had whispered that day.
  5. He pinned her hands above her head to keep her still then whispered the command again.

What kind of word is whisper?

Whisper can be a verb or a noun.

What is the noun of whisper?

whisper (verb) whisper (noun) whispering (noun) whispering campaign (noun)

Is wisper a word?

The Wisper is a 29.715-kilometre-long (18.464 mi) river in Hesse, Germany, right tributary of the Rhine. Its source is in the western Taunus, Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis district, near a small village named Wisper (municipality Heidenrod).

What is the synonym of whispering?

murmur, mutter, mumble, say softly, speak softly, say in muted tones, speak in muted tones, say in hushed tones, speak in hushed tones, say sotto voce, speak sotto voce. breathe, purr, say under one’s breath.

What is the synonym of whisper?

Is whispering the same as talking?

Whispering is an unvoiced mode of phonation in which the vocal cords are abducted so that they do not vibrate; air passes between the arytenoid cartilages to create audible turbulence during speech. Supralaryngeal articulation remains the same as in normal speech.

What does whisper sound mean?

When you speak very quietly, so that hardly anyone can hear, you’re whispering, or speaking in a whisper. A whisper is the opposite of a shout. When teachers talk about using your outside voice (when you’re outside) and your inside voice (for speaking normally), the whisper is even quieter than the inside voice.

How do you describe a whisper?


  • breathed,
  • chirped,
  • drawled,
  • gasped,
  • intoned,
  • mouthed,
  • mumbled,
  • murmured,

What is a whisper shout?

Whisper / Shout refers to an interrogation technique that was initially designed for use with the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) that is now required on all commercial aircraft. The MLAT system uses the Whisper / Shout technique to interrogation ATCRBS targets.

What is a telling sentence?

A telling sentence tells about something. It ends with a period (.). Abe has three dogs. I can make a cake. An asking sentence asks something.

Why are you disturbing me which type of sentence?

2 ans) imperative sentence.

Is whispering rude?

Even though most whispering is perfectly innocent, it breaches the most basic of workplace etiquettes and features strongly in the ‘how not to behave at work’ rule book. Two colleagues may be whispering simply to keep their voices down to avoid bothering others with their chatter.

Is it bad to whisper?

That’s not true: Studies have shown that whispering might actually damage the larynx more than normal speech. Performers, singers and public speakers that need vocal rest are also discouraged from whispering so not to strain their pipes. When people try to talk through the hoarseness, they actually cause more damage.

Why do I whisper instead of talking?

We consider children who whisper in social situations instead of talking to be a form of selective mutism. The child often fears that their voice sounds strange or different in some way to other children, and so whispering is used as a strategy to mask their true voice.

How do you use the word Whisper in a sentence?

The horror movie victim tried to cry out for help, but her shaking words came out as a low whisper. Most of the children at the lunch table whisper their gossip so the teachers don’t hear them. Whisper the password in my ear so that no one else in the room will know the code.

Why did he want to hear her whisper his name?

He wanted to hear her whisper his name after they made love and flutter soft kisses with her full lips across his face, the way she had the other night. The whisper seems to creep round the gallery horizontally, not necessarily along the shorter arc, but rather along that arc towards which the whisperer faces.

How to translate whisper into 7-letter words?

Translations for whisper Use our Sentence Generator Nearby Words whisky jacks whisky-jack whisky whisks whisking whiskeys whisper as whispered whispered a whispered in whispered in his ear whispered into 7-letter Words Starting With w wh whi whis whisp whispe

What’s the difference between talk and Whisper?

Whispersweet nothings in her ear, enchant her with roses and a serenade and woo her and make her swoon. Whisperit, but some players on the circuit are even less fit than your average county cricketer. Talk famously steals the riff from Kraftwerk’s Computer Love and hearkens in tone to the quirky off centre Whisper.