What is Verizon fraud number?

What is Verizon fraud number?

Someone made changes to my Verizon account. In the unfortunate event that your account has been taken over and used to initiate unauthorized Verizon, Verizon Wireless or Fios services, call us at 888.483. 7200. We will work with you to investigate any instances of fraudulent activity.

How do I report suspicious text to Verizon?

Report Spam to 7726

  1. Confirm the text message is still available on the device.
  2. Forward the suspected Spam message to. 7726. .
  3. Respond to the shortcode message by providing the sender’s MDN on the suspicious message.
  4. If preferred, block the sender using My Verizon or through the device.
  5. Delete the message.

How do I know if a Verizon text is real?

Call up Verizon customer service and tell them what you received. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not the text is genuine.

Is 899000 a real Verizon number?

Verizon does not use the number 899000. If you receive this text, do not click on it, just simply delete it.

How did my Verizon account get hacked?

Verizon has verified that the hacked accounts were compromised by a credential stuffing campaign. The breached accounts are thought to have been compromised by a single actor, as a pattern was established after an account was taken over: stored credit and debit cards were used to order and ship a new-model iPhone.

Can Verizon send me text messages?

Verizon will never ask for personal or account information by email or text message. If you receive a text message or email similar to the ones below (the content may vary slightly), you should send it to Verizon (see below for details) then DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Can Verizon call me?

Authorities contacted Verizon, who is aware of the scam and is working on a solution. They urge customers to NOT click on any links or select any options if they receive such a call or text. Instead, customers should hang up and dial *611 from the Verizon phone or call Verizon customer service directly.

Can Verizon text me?

Does Verizon call about suspended account?

devongnall, this was a phishing attempt to access your account and we never make phone calls to let a customer know their account has been suspended like this. We encourage changing your My Verizon password online including your Account PIN.