What is the insurance Institute of South Africa?

What is the insurance Institute of South Africa?

The Insurance Institute of South Africa is a national registered professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority for awarding professional designations in the short-term insurance industry.

What is IISA?

The IISA is the South African Qualifications Authority approved professional body that awards professional designations to qualifying individuals within the insurance Industry.

Who is the biggest insurer in South Africa?

In 2021, Old Mutual was the most valuable African insurance brand, with a brand value of 1.28 billion U.S. dollars. Second was Sanlam, with a brand value of 692 million. All the five companies presented in the ranking are based in South Africa.

Who regulates the insurance industry in South Africa?

All contracts of insurance and reinsurance business (as those terms are defined in the Insurance Act, see Question 3) are regulated by the Insurance Act, the STIA and the LTIA (as applicable).

Where can I study insurance in South Africa?

What are the Top Insurance Institutes in South Africa?

  • Milpark Education, Capetown.
  • Blockchain Academy, Capetown.
  • Moonstone Business School of Excellence, Stellenbosch.
  • INSETA, Johannesburg.
  • Insurance Institute of South Africa, Sandton.
  • iFundi, Sandton.
  • UNISA, Pretoria.
  • BRCS, Rosebank.

What is the ACII qualification?

The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills. A comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding.

How many insurers are there in South Africa?

South African insurance industry is almost ‘out of the woods’ with better-than- expected outcomes! KPMG South Africa today launched its annual South African Insurance Industry Survey for 2021. Forty non-life insurers, 21 life insurers and seven reinsurers were surveyed.

How many insurance companies are there in South Africa?

55 companies
There are profiles of 55 companies including well-known insurers such as Santam, Old Mutual, Hollard, OUTsurance and MiWay, reinsurers such as Hannover Reinsurance and Munich Reinsurance and state-owned companies including Escap (which insures Eskom), Sasria (which insured against the July 2021 unrest) and the Road …

Who are the regulators in South Africa?

National and Regulatory Authorities

  • National Treasury.
  • South African Reserve Bank.
  • Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Trade and Investment South Africa.
  • Johannesburg Securities Exchange.
  • South African Chamber of Business.
  • Banking Council of South Africa.
  • Financial Services Board.

What is the highest qualification in insurance?

An exclusive qualification held by fewer than 6,000 insurance practitioners, Fellowship (FCII) is the CII’s highest level of qualification and is globally recognised as an indicator of expertise and experience. Fellowship is an advanced structured learning programme available to Advanced Diploma in Insurance holders.

What course should I do for insurance?

List of insurance courses in India

  • 1 Bachelor’s Degree Courses. BBA in Banking and Insurance.
  • 2 Master’s Degree Courses. MBA in Banking and Insurance.
  • 3 Diploma Courses. PG Diploma in Banking and Insurance.
  • 4 Certificate Courses. PG Certificate in Banking and Insurance Management.
  • 5 PhD Programs.

How hard is CII?

In terms of difficulty the CII exams are significantly easier than Actuarial/ACA/ACCA (Actuarial being by far the hardest). You can make a half decent living as a (re)insurance broker.

How much does a chartered insurer earn?

The highest paid Chartered Insurance Institute alumni & graduates are Finance Control & Strategy professionals at $56,000 annually. The lowest paid Chartered Insurance Institute alumni & graduates are Insurance Jobs professionals at $38,000.

Which institutions are part of the South African financial services sector?

Many foreign banks and investment institutions have operations in South Africa. Investment and merchant banking remains the most competitive front in the industry, while the country’s “big five” banks – Absa, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and newcomer Capitec – dominate the retail market.

What is Fsca South Africa?

The FSCA is the market conduct regulator of financial institutions, that provide financial products and financial services, financial institutions that are licensed in terms of a financial sector law, including banks, insurers, retirement funds and administrators, and market infrastructures.

What is the Insurance Institute of South Africa?

The Insurance Institute of South Africa. Is a national registered professional body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority for awarding professional designations in the insurance industry.

What is the role of the insurance industry institute?

The primary responsibility of the institute to its members and the industry in general, is to promote the advancement of knowledge and skills, the maintenance of the highest level of standards and ethics as well as the professional development within the insurance industry.

What is the IISA?

The IISA is a registered non-profit organisation established in 1966 by the industry to advance the insurance sector in South Africa and beyond.

What is insurance qualification?

Insurance qualification at NQF Level 5 that has been approved by IISA or to be verified by IISA. The individual must have practised within the insurance industry or financial services in the SADC region for at least one-year post obtaining their insurance qualification.