What is the cheat code for Superman?

What is the cheat code for Superman?

You can find the cheat code on the Superman Returns DVD. At the menu, enter UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. Once entered, fly to the top of the GNN building.

Are there any codes cheats for Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

Enter the following cheats at any time during gameplay….Delta Force: Black Hawk Down PC Cheat Codes.

Cheat Code Effect
43b24753 Grants invisibility.
fc1ef2ed Maxes out your ammo.
3cfe170c Grants unlimited ammo.

How do you cheat on Medal of Honor?

Cheat List

  1. god – God Mode On/Off.
  2. fly – Fly Mode (use etheral code to disable)
  3. walk – Stop flying.
  4. ghost – No-clipping mode On/Off.
  5. etheral – No Clipping mode On/Off.
  6. giveammo – Gives all ammo for all weapons.
  7. allweapons – Gives all weapons.
  8. loaded – Gives all weapons, ammo and 100 adrenaline.

Can you play Superman Returns on Xbox one?

This one is from last year. Backwards compatibility is currently on hold. So fhis isnt possible. The Xbox back comp program has ended and there will be no more coming to the list.

How many missions are in Medal of Honor Airborne?

six missions
In the game’s main campaign, players assume the role of a fictional paratrooper working alongside other members of an American airborne division, to complete a series of objectives within each of the campaign’s six missions.

How do you enter cheats in commandos behind enemy lines?

To get easy promotions, while playing type “1982gonzo” to enable cheat mode. Then press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and push N. The mission complete screen will appear. press “P” to replay the mission and repeat the code as often as you like to get lots of merit.

Is Kane and Lynch backwards compatible?

Microsoft has added backwards compatibility to hundreds of Xbox 360 titles – this means you can play some Xbox 360 and original Xbox games on your Xbox One console via the disk or digital download….Xbox 360 Games That Are Not Playable On Xbox One.

Game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Gamers 75,184
Comp % 0.1
Comp Time 60-80 hours
Rating 2.9

Does Xbox One have Simpsons game?

Hi, That game is not more available as purchase and is not backward compatible with the Xbox one.

How do you destroy the tank in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Medal of Honor: Airborne The player is tasked on destroying 3 of these tanks in Young Fools. It can only be destroyed with Gammon grenades, explosive charges, recoiless rifles, and Panzerschrecks.

How long does it take to beat Medal of Honor Airborne?

When focusing on the main objectives, Medal of Honor: Airborne is about 6 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 11 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is The Simpsons Hit and Run on ps3?

Amazon.com: simpsons hit and run ps3.

Will The Simpsons Game be on PS4?

Whether we’ll get a The Simpsons: Hit & Run remake/remaster is up in the air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the game’s wacky adventures in Media Molecule’s Dreams. The impressive creation suite recently launched on the PS4, giving users the chance to play and create nearly anything imaginable.