What is the best exam simulator for PMP?

What is the best exam simulator for PMP?

The Best PMP Exam Simulators for 2022

  • Summary of features.
  • PM Exam Simulator.
  • PM Fast Track.
  • Master of Project Academy Simulator.
  • BrainBOK Exam Simulator.
  • Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator.
  • Simulator buying tips.
  • Conclusion.

Is the PMP exam simulator worth it?

PM exam simulator is a key to pass the PMP exam. It helps to fill the knowledge gaps with very useful explanation of correct choice n the even the wrong ones why not choose those. It also helps to time urself for the real exam. I spent last 1 week of my prep on this and passed my exam with Aobove target score.

Does PMI have an exam simulator?

And because The PM Exam Simulator is “only” a tool to test your ability to take the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam and doesn’t provide any training lessons, this means that you cannot earn Contact Hours from …

What is the first time pass rate for the PMP exam?

However, beware of training institutes that promise a 99% pass rate – the PMP exam is notoriously difficult. Many sources say that only 30 candidates pass the first time, for every 100 candidates.

How good is PrepCast?

The PMP PrepCast is really a great tool to use in preparing the exam. It really helped me a lot, thanks for providing this. Other than the PMBOK, the PMP PrepCast was my main study resource for my PMP certification. I was very pleased with the content and the flexibility to access it over any Internet-enabled device.

What is PrepCast simulator?

The PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator™ gives you an “insider’s view” of the actual Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. Practice on 2,280+ highly realistic PMP® Exam sample questions that were developed based on the current exam specifications. Prepare “like real” with the 90-day access as often as you want.

Is PMP PrepCast good?

Is PM PrepCast legit?

Is PM PrepCast a PMI REP?

PM Prepcast is the most popular brand for training and education for PMI certification exams.

How can I get PrepCast for free?

By signing up you not only get access to The Free PM PrepCast with sample exam prep training videos, but you will also be added to The Exam Tips Newsletter.

Is PrepCast simulator worth it?

The PM PrepCast gave great detailed explanations on the different subjects. Using the simulator made me much more comfortable with the questions on the exam. Thanks to using these tools and the tips shared through the newsletter, I was able to pass on my first attempt and achieve an above average score.