What is Emblem3 doing now?

What is Emblem3 doing now?

After creative differences and conflicts with management, Emblem3 went on another hiatus. The band was reunited again in 2021, with the release of three singles: “Champagne Dreams”, “Eyes Wide Open”, and “So Proud”.

Why did Emblem3 break up?

“The band fell apart because we don’t get along and don’t collaborate with finesse. Art is about freedom, not confinement.” And Wesley replied back, “Drew you need to be honest with everyone. You left the band cause you thought it would be easier to do whatever you want.”

Where is Emblem3 from?

Huntington Beach, CAEmblem3 / Origin

Who are the members of Emblem3?

Wesley StrombergGuitarDrew ChadwickGuitarKeaton StrombergBass guitar

Is Emblem3 still together?

After a break, Wes and his brother, Keaton, released an EP as a duo called Forever Together. Then, Drew came back to the band and they went on tour together. They even released two songs, “Homerun” and “New Day” on their app earlier this year. The boys have decided to not continue as Emblem3 as of right now.

When did Emblem3 get back together?

But in February 2016, the band shocked fans when they reunited and dropped a new song together, called “Now.” After that, they continued to work on their solo careers, while releasing a few tunes together every once in a while.

Who opened for Emblem3?

Selena Gomez’s
Getting mixed reviews, the album placed #7 on the US Billboard 200. A month after the album’s release, Emblem3 became Selena Gomez’s opening act on her Stars Dance Tour.

How old is Drew Chadwick?

29 years (October 1, 1992)Drew Chadwick / Age

Is Emblem 3 back together?

Epic ReunionWesley Stromberg Confirms Emblem3 Is Getting Back Together. Drop everything because Emblem3 is back! Yep, Wesley Stromberg just confirmed that he and his former bandmates, Drew Chadwick and Keaton Stromberg, are working on some new tunes together, and we’re seriously freaking out.

Who opened for Emblem 3?

Is Emblem3 back together?

How tall is Drew Chadwick?

5′ 10″Drew Chadwick / Height

How old is Wesley Stromberg?

28 years (December 6, 1993)Wesley Stromberg / Age

Who left Emblem3?

Member Drew Chadwick
The “X Factor” alums’ album, 2013’s “Nothing to Lose,” debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

Is Emblem 3 still together?