What is different in the Hobbit Extended Edition?

What is different in the Hobbit Extended Edition?

The Hobbit Extended Edition is a version of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film trilogy. These versions have new editing, scenes, special effects and music, and also more scenes and content than the theatrical versions. An Unexpected Journey contains 13 minutes of additional footage.

Does Furious 7 have a post credit scene?

There are no extra scenes during the credits of Furious 7; however, there is a special tribute to Paul Walker right before the credits start. The tribute is tied into the epilogue of Furious 7.

What was added in the extended edition of Lord of the Rings?

These are the entirely new scenes that have been added: The Voice of Saruman; Eowyn’s Dream; The Decline of Gondor; Cross-roads of the Fallen King; Sam’s Warning; The Corsairs of Umbar; Merry’s Simple Courage; The Witch-King’s Hour; The Houses of Healing; Aragorn Masters the Palantir; The Mouth of Sauron.

Where was Dom going at the end of Furious 7?

The final sequence, though, carries the most emotional weight as it serves as Walker’s goodbye as Brian. Dom and the family are looking on as Brian, Mia and their son are frolicking near the beach water. Dom gets up to leave without saying goodbye, but Brian follows him in his own car, catching up at a stop sign.

Is the last scene in Furious 7 Paul?

The end of the film shows what appears to be Walker’s O’Conner and Diesel’s Toretto have one final race until a fork in the road peacefully sends them separate directions to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again.” Technically, Walker wasn’t able to finish “Furious 7,” but the film’s talented production crew was …

How long is Hobbit extended?

2h 49mThe Hobbit / Running time
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (extended edition) is an extended version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It has 13 minutes of additional footage added back into the film (bringing its total running time up to 182 minutes), as well as multiple documentaries about the making of the film as supplements.

How much longer is Hobbit extended?

The extended edition of An Unexpected Journey clocks in at 183 minutes long (13 minutes of additional footage) and the extended cut of The Desolation of Smaug is 186 minutes long (25 minutes of additional footage) so when the time comes to marathon the entire The Hobbit trilogy, we’ll be spending about 543 minutes in …

How long is The Hobbit extended trilogy?

The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition)

Edition First
Duration 532
Studio & Production Company Warner Home Video
Model TRNBRN578138
Record Label Warner Home Video

Does Brian come back in Fast 9?

Mia (Jordana Brewster) notes, “He’s on the way,” and the scene cuts to a blue Nissan Skyline GT-R, which fans of the franchise know belongs to Brian, who is still alive in the film series, though he no longer appears on camera.