What is CHR music format?

What is CHR music format?

Contemporary hit radio (also known as CHR, contemporary hits, hit list, current hits, hit music, top 40, or pop radio) is a radio format that is common in many countries that focuses on playing current and recurrent popular music as determined by the Top 40 music charts.

What is the format of a radio station?

What’s a Radio Station Format? Simply put, a radio station format is a template for the overall content a radio station broadcasts. They can be tailor-made by music taste, interest, or advertising demographic. Typically, a radio station’s format is defined by the music or content the station plays.

What are the radio formats in America?

Top Radio Formats of 2019

  • Classic rock.
  • Hot AC.
  • Urban AC.
  • All sports.
  • Urban contemporary.
  • Mexican Regional.
  • Alternative.
  • Spanish contemporary.

What is the purpose of formats in any radio station?

Radio station formats target demographics that can generate advertising revenue. Contemporary hit radio was developed as a Top 40 format that expanded beyond strictly pop music to include country, rock, and urban formats.

What does CHR mean on radio?

Contemporary Hit Radio
No matter how the industry dresses it up, the audience recognizes it for what it is “Top 40.” The term Contemporary Hit Radio or “CHR” was coined during the late 1970s, early 1980s when radio programmers perceived a backlash against Top 40.

What is Adult CHR?

The Adult Top 40 (Adult CHR) format is a hybrid of Hot AC and Top 40 (CHR). Unlike Hot AC stations, they air hip hop and R&B music that typical Top 40 (CHR) stations play. At the same time, unlike Top 40 they spin a minor portion of adult-leaning 90s, 2000s and current music heard on Hot AC stations.

How do you format a radio script?

Format for radio play scripts

  1. one page of dialogue is approximately one minute of air time.
  2. each scene should be numbered.
  3. lines are usually double spaced.
  4. sound and music cues are triple spaced.
  5. paragraphs are triple spaced.
  6. all cues are capitalised and numbered.

What is the formula for Hit radio?

To calculate a hit ratio, divide the number of cache hits with the sum of the number of cache hits, and the number of cache misses. For example, if you have 51 cache hits and three misses over a period of time, then that would mean you would divide 51 by 54. The result would be a hit ratio of 0.944.

What is the most popular format in radio today?

According to the average quarter-hour share of radio listeners, news and talk radio was the most popular format of radio in the United States in 2019, with 9.5 percent of the radio audience tuning in to news/talk broadcasting.

What is the top radio format in the US?

Country music stations were most frequent radio formats in 2021, with 2,200 unique stations in the United States that year. Also popular were news and talk shows, with over 2,000 stations falling in this category.

What are the important elements of a radio format?

The basic elements of a radio progranuqe are, Word, Music, Effect and Silence which convey messages, ideas or thoughts. The listener creates hisher own pictures with the help of these elements.

What is rhythmic pop?

Syncopation occurs when a rhythmic pattern that typically occurs on strong beats or strong parts of the beat occurs instead on weak beats or weak parts of the beat. Most pop/rock songs have a mixture of syncopated and “straight” rhythms.

What does Hot AC mean in radio?

Hot adult contemporary
Hot adult contemporary (hot AC) radio stations play a wide range of Present day’s popular music that appeals towards the 18–54 age group, it serves as a middle ground between the youth-oriented contemporary hit radio (CHR) format, and adult contemporary formats (such as “mainstream” and soft AC) that are typically …

What does Vo mean in a radio script?

voice over
means “voice over” — a voice originates from outside the scene location. Here are common situations where you would use this notation: — A voice originates from outside the scene location through a phone or walkie-talkie or radio or some other device.

How much hit ratio is required?

Generally speaking, for most sites, a hit ratio of 95-99%, and a miss ratio of one to five percent is ideal. You should keep in mind that these numbers are very specific to the use case, and for dynamic content or for specific files that can change often, can be very different.

What is read hit ratio?

This parameter displays the percentage of logical reads that are in the buffer cache. You can use this parameter to monitor the effectiveness of system buffering.

What is the most popular music format on US radio today?

Country is the most popular radio format today.

What was the first song to play on the radio?

O Holy Night on the violin
On the evening of December 24, 1906, Reginald Fessenden used the alternator-transmitter to send out a short program from Brant Rock. It included a phonograph record of Ombra mai fu (Largo) by George Frideric Handel, followed by Fessenden himself playing the song O Holy Night on the violin.

Which radio format is the most popular in 2021?