What is another word instead of great?

What is another word instead of great?

“That’s exceptional!” “Bravo!” “Amazing!” “Marvelous!”

What is a cool word for great?

GOAT – “Greatest of All Time” Gucci – Good, cool, or going well. Lit – Amazing, cool, or exciting.

What is a more precise word for great?

What is another word for great?

big immense
tremendous vast
colossal mammoth
abundant ample
extended extensive

How do you say great professionally?

EXCELLENT! That’s the best ever. You’ve just about mastered it. PERFECT!

What can I say instead of great job?

50 Alternatives to “Good Job”:

  • You worked hard on that project.
  • You put a lot of detail into your picture.
  • That took a lot of patience.
  • Your studying really paid off.
  • That shows dedication.
  • You are really getting good at printing your name.
  • You colored the sky blue and the house purple (describe what you see)

How do you say Great informally?

Informal words for good

  1. A-OK.
  2. ace.
  3. all right.
  4. amazeballs.
  5. apple pie.
  6. awesomesauce.
  7. bad.
  8. badass.

How do you praise someone professionally?

It’s good to show appreciation for the skills, insight and perspective a new coworker brings.

  1. “Keep up the great work.”
  2. “I love your confidence.”
  3. “You’re very creative.”
  4. “You’ve been a great addition to the team!”
  5. “I’m excited to work with someone with your experience.”

How do you say someone is great?

So here’s a hundred ready-made compliments to try out yourself:

  1. You’re an awesome friend.
  2. You’re a gift to those around you.
  3. You’re a smart cookie.
  4. You are awesome!
  5. You have impeccable manners.
  6. I like your style.
  7. You have the best laugh.
  8. I appreciate you.

How do you say great in British slang?

Happy and Positive British Slang

  1. ace – amazing, awesome, excellent.
  2. blinding – fantastic, great, superb.
  3. brill – short for “brilliant,” cool, exceptionally good.
  4. buzzing – excited, happy.
  5. chuffed – happy, pleased.
  6. cracking – the best.
  7. get-in – awesome, terrific, yay.
  8. hunky-dory – cool, good; everything’s okay.

What is another word for praise highly?

1 acclamation, plaudit, applause, approbation, compliment. 2 encomium, eulogy, panegyric. 5 laud, applaud, eulogize. 6 glorify, exalt, honor.

How do you compliment someone on their achievement?

It is often good to compliment a specific action or achievement….Complimenting Accomplishments

  1. I am so proud of you, and I hope you are too!
  2. You are making a difference.
  3. You deserve a hug right now.
  4. You’re a great example to others.
  5. Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story.

Is great informal?

Informal. very well: Things have been going great for him.

Why do Brits say cheeky?

4. Cheeky. Brits are famous for their sense of humour, and we like to take life a little less seriously than other nations do. We take pleasure in being playful, so we often use the word “cheeky” to describe small, fun, frivolous activities that make us smile.

What is a high compliment?

a remark or action that expresses approval, admiration, or respect: She paid him a high compliment by saying she read all his books.

What is another way to say well said?

What is another word for well said?

well put well articulated
well expressed right on
preach on you took the words right out of my mouth
you tell them you tell ’em
that was spoken well

What is a perfect person called?

perfectionist Add to list Share. A perfectionist is someone with very high standards: they want everything to be just right at all times.