What happens to Jackie at the end of that 70s show?

What happens to Jackie at the end of that 70s show?

While she admitted she loved and thought of Kelso as her soulmate, she refused. At the end of the season, Jackie realized Fez had all the qualities she was looking for in a man and they kiss in the finale.

Who did Jackie from That 70 show end up with?

Fans have long wondered about the finale curveball. Despite chasing her for years, Fez on “That ’70s Show” still surprised fans when he ended up with Jackie in the final season. Wilmer Valderrama, the actor who played Fez, said he and Mila Kunis, who played Jackie, were also thrown for a loop.

Who passed from That 70s Show?

Tragic final days of That ’70s Show’s Lisa Robin Kelly from drug addiction to death in rehab. Lisa Robin Kelly was most famous for her role in That ’70s Show, where she played Laurie Forman. She rose to fame on the US sitcom, which also helped to launch the careers of Topher Grace, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Is it true that Tanya Roberts died?

January 4, 2021Tanya Roberts / Date of death

Does Jackie and Hyde get married?

Part of the reason why these discussions and fanfictions are so popular is because of the horrible way in which their relationship was treated in season 8 and the disappointment in the fact that they did not end up together.

Was Jackie pregnant in that 70s show?

Kelso passes out when Jackie tells him she might have gotten pregnant; Midge learns about Jackie and decides to put Donna on the pill. Kelso passes out when Jackie tells him she might have gotten pregnant; Midge learns about Jackie and decides to put Donna on the pill.

Who married Fez?

Laurie Forman
Fez (That ’70s Show)

Gender Male
Occupation Foto Hut clerk (formerly) DMV clerk (formerly) Shampoo boy
Family Rebecca Erdman (host mother) Matthew Erdman (host father) Red Forman (ex-father-in-law) Kitty Forman (ex-mother-in-law) Eric Forman (ex-brother-in-law)
Spouse Laurie Forman (ex-wife)

Is Midge Donna’s mom?

Character. Midge is the lovable but dim-witted mother of the red-haired tomboy Donna Pinciotti, and originally Donna’s less-frequently seen younger sister, Tina and wife of Bob Pinciotti.

Do Donna and Hyde end up together?

All in all, Hyde and Donna ultimately chose to remain friends rather than pursuing a romantic relationship, but their friendship would have been a strong starting place.

Which actress died of a UTI?

Up to 31 percent of sepsis cases start as urinary tract infections, leading to as many as 1.6 million deaths in the U.S. and Europe. The actor Tanya Roberts died from a urinary tract infection that developed into sepsis, an outcome that is more common than realized, especially among older women, doctors say.

Is Kelso and Jackie married?

Jackie & Kelso Although Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis didn’t date during That 70s Show, on which they were costars from 1998 to 2006, the two began dated six years after the show wrapped. They married in 2015 and share two children.

Do Fez and Jackie get together?

Season 8. Later on during the events in Season 8 the episode before the finale the two finally confessed their feelings and become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Why did the 70s show end?

The reason for the show’s departure is basically down to licensing deals and the streamer has not renewed their contract to keep airing episodes. According to The Observer, September to December of this year was the time frame That ’70s Show could leave if Netflix was not able to renew its licensing deal.

Why did Bob’s wife leave That 70s show?

Tanya Roberts played Midge Pinciotti for 3 seasons, but had to leave the show to take care of her terminally ill husband. Thus, her character was written to leave Bob and move to California.

Who did Kelso end up with?

It is hinted that Michael and Steven knew each other since they were five years old. It was left unknown if Michael had started dating again after That 70’s Finale but it was hinted that he married Brooke; the mother of his child.

What is Jackie from That 70s Show real name?

Mila Kunis (Jackie) had her first kiss in real life at the age of 15 as an actress on this show with Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso). She and Kutcher got married years later and have two children. Interesting? The filming of the final episode, “That ’70s Finale”, was frequently delayed because Laura Prepon (Donna) couldn’t stop crying.

Who played Jackie from That 70s Show?

Mila Kunis portrayed Jackie Burkhart for all eight seasons of That ’70s Show, but Jackie’s story didn’t have such a great ending. When the series began, she was considered more of a side character since she was primarily displayed as Michael Kelso’s girlfriend. As time went on, Jackie evolved into one of the most amusing characters within the series, but the final season put her on a surprising path.

How do you be Jackie from That 70s Show?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s children are not familiar with Jackie and Kelso from “That ’70s Show.” As E! reported, while walking the red carpet at the grand opening of the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC in Los Angeles

What is Jakie from that 70’s show real name?

Jackie Burkhart Character. Jackie is the self-absorbed, snobby, rich girl and girlfriend of Kelso, Hyde, and then Fez. Friendships. During the first season, Jackie is in her sophomore year of high school, making her approximately 15 years old. Romances. In the beginning, Jackie is dating Michael Kelso, an attractive, but dim-witted, partyboy.