What happened to the Renault Espace F1?

What happened to the Renault Espace F1?

The car would cost a bomb, but unfortunately it is not for commercial production. There are two copies for the Espace F1 in the world currently. The first one is kept as a static model in the Renault collection at Flins. The second one can be found at Espace Automobiles Matra museum in Romorantin.

What is Renault Espace F1?

Espace F1 is a unique, one-of-a-kind experimental model, the result of boundless know-how, daring engineering and limitless imagination. A daring challenge, and a great success! In 1994, Williams-Renault carried off the Formula 1 World Constructors’ championship for the third year on the trot.

Where is the Renault Espace F1?

the Matra Museum
The Espace F1 currently resides in the Matra Museum in France.

Is Renault Espace a good car?

It’s one of the most powerful 2.0-litre units you can buy, and one of the most refined. With 360Nm of torque, there’s also plenty of pulling power. Few rivals can match the Renault for acceleration and flexibility, while the brakes are strong and gearbox pleasant. Overall, the Espace is an effortless cruiser.

What engine does the Renault Espace have?

Despite the big dimensions, the Espace is available only with four cylinder units. The 160 hp and 200 hp diesel engines have a 2.0-liter displacement, while the gasoline turbocharged unit is a 1.8 liter and offers 225 hp. The transmission for all variants is a 7-speed double-clutch unit.

Is Renault Espace a 7 seater?

Although the boot wasn’t huge with all seven seats in use, the Espace had plenty of cargo space in five-seat mode and was positively van-like with all five rear seats removed.

How many seats does Renault Espace have?

The normal Espace has five individual seats, which can be tumbled forward or removed. There’s plenty of head and legroom, although even the Grand struggles to swallow seven people plus their luggage.

Whats the difference between the Espace and Grand Espace?

The Grand Espace is huge, and offers a maximum capacity of 3,050 litres in the back, which is 190 litres more than the standard Espace. The seats all fold, rotate and slide, but if you want a completely flat load area, they must be removed – which means you need somewhere to store them.

Do they still make Renault Espace?

The flagship Renault Espace has morphed from an MPV into a crossover, which has been seen for the first time at the Paris motor show and will go on sale towards the end of this year.

Are Renault Espace reliable?

Renault doesn’t have the best of reliability records, and information supplied to us by Warranty Direct shows that the Espace is one of the worst performing cars in any sector. For starters, its digital speedo is prone to problems and costs a fortune to fix.