What happened to Franco from strain hunters?

What happened to Franco from strain hunters?

Franco died of Malaria on the 2nd of January while he was coming back from a trip to Africa, where he had been doing CBD extractions. We had the luck and pleasure to know him and work together, so we are deeply sorry for this loss and would like to express our condolences to his family, friends and partners.

Where are the strain hunters from?

Strain Hunters Club is a private members only club located in the Netherlands and Spain.

Who owns greenhouse seed company?

Arjan Roskam
Arjan Roskam (born April 4, 1970) is a cannabis entrepreneur and the founder of Green House coffeeshops and Green House Seed Company.

Is Franco Loja dead?

January 2, 2017Franco Loja / Date of death

How did Franco Loja?

Known for traveling the world in search of exotic strains, rare pollen, and forgotten landrace genes, cannabis legend Franco Loja passed away yesterday, January 2, 2017. A globetrotting collector from Italy, Franco contracted a cerebral form of malaria that proved to be fatal.

What is strain hunting?

Strain Hunters identify, locate and retrieve cannabis landraces that have not yet been studied, in order to give scientists and doctors the possibility to further enhance knowledge of the cannabis plant in the medicinal field.

Does greenhouse seeds ship to USA?

We strictly do not send cannabis seeds to the United States of America as it is strictly prohibited by the US Federal law.

Where did Franco Loja get malaria?

When news came last week that Loja had died at the untimely age of 42, the cannabis world responded shock and sadness. He was researching the benefits of CBD for patients with malaria when he also contracted the disease while in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Loja leaves behind the seeds of his legacy.

What are the Landrace strains?

Landrace sativa strains:

  • Durban Poison from Africa (Malawi & Kilimanjaro landrace strains are other examples)
  • Acapulco Gold from Mexico.
  • Lambs Bread from Jamaica.
  • Panama Red, Punto Rojo (a.k.a. Tierra Adentro) & Colombian Gold from South America.
  • Thai & Chocolate Thai strains from Asia.

What is a pheno Hunter?

The process of selecting the best phenotype of a strain for mass production. When a female and male cannabis plant are bred to create a new strain, the female produces many seeds, all of which are phenotypes.

What does Phenos mean?

Pheno definition Pheno is defined as showing, displaying, containing phenyl or related to benzene. An example of pheno is phenotype. An example of pheno is phenol.

Who is the best seed breeder?

List of the best seed breeders and genetics companies

  • Brothers Grimm Seeds.
  • Grandiflora Genetics.
  • Green Bodhi.
  • Jungle Boys.
  • Sirius Seeds.
  • Super Sativa Seed Club.
  • Covert Genetics.
  • Envy Genetics.

What seed banks are in the US?

Seed banks that ship to the USA include ILGM, Seedsman, and Crop King Seeds. However, ILGM and Crop King Seeds tend to have faster and more affordable US delivery times. Usually, you’ll have your marijuana seeds at your doorstep within a week of ordering.

Does malaria affect the brain?

Malaria deaths are usually related to one or more serious complications, including: Cerebral malaria. If parasite-filled blood cells block small blood vessels to your brain (cerebral malaria), swelling of your brain or brain damage may occur. Cerebral malaria may cause seizures and coma.

What is the strongest landrace strain?

Durban Poison Widely regarded as one of the best — if not the best — all-around Sativas, it’s no surprise that it consistently ranks as the most popular landrace strain and may just be the most popular Sativa strain of all time.

Is Hindu Kush a landrace?

Hindu Kush is a rare landrace strain. This pure indica strain is native to the local regions of the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Can you pheno hunt with feminized seeds?

How To Hunt for Phenotypes from Cannabis Seeds. Pheno hunting is about finding the perfect physical traits in a cannabis plant for your needs from a pack of regular cannabis seeds. Plants from feminized seeds tend to have identical or near identical physical characteristics.

How long is pheno hunting?

On average, the plants will fully flower around eight to 10 weeks, and the gender differences will be much more apparent.

Can a clone be a mother plant?

Clones can be mother plants. They are no different from the mother plant they originate from, to begin with. Genetically they are identical and will be able to produce several clones every couple of weeks. Clones as mother plants will guarantee the reproduction of your crops stay consistent.

What is the strongest strain of Indica?

Purple Kush Considered one of the most powerful strains in the world, this flower is 100% indica. A mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this strain has landrace heritage and delivers a pure indica experience. Many consumers report deep sedation and pain relief from Purple Kush.