What happened Breaking Bad season 2?

What happened Breaking Bad season 2?

Story. In an abandoned auto junkyard, Tuco Salamanca buys meth from Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, and then kills his henchman No-Doze for speaking out of turn. Jesse purchases a gun to protect himself from Tuco, but Walt proposes they kill Tuco with poison instead.

What happens in ep 2 of Breaking Bad?

Walter ponders various methods of murdering Krazy-8 before going down to the basement with a plastic bag and finding Krazy-8 awake. He retreats and instead makes Krazy-8 a sandwich. Jesse returns from shopping empty-handed and learns that Walt hasn’t completed his end of he deal either.

Who is the villain in Breaking Bad season 2?

Gus Fring

Gustavo Fring
First appearance Breaking Bad: “Mandala” (2009) Better Call Saul: “Witness” (2017)
Last appearance Breaking Bad: “Face Off” (2011)
Created by Vince Gilligan George Mastras
Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito

How did Jesse get money season 2?

After stealing his RV from the impound lot, Jesse arrives at Walt’s home and convinces him to give him half of their remaining money.

Does Skyler cheat on Walt?

When Walt defiantly moves back in, Skyler retaliates by initiating an affair with Ted and coldly informing her husband that she cheated on him. Even as her marriage crumbles, Skyler permits Walt to take care of Holly and defends some of his actions to her lawyer, who advises that she leave Walt immediately.

What does Jesse smoke in episode 2?

In order to relieve his stress, Walt smokes Jesse’s marijuana. Jesse returns home and asks Walt how the murder went. Walt promises to take care of Krazy-8 tomorrow, then leaves to meet Skyler at a hospital for her sonogram.

Who is the guy in the basement in Breaking Bad?

Domingo Gallardo Molina
Domingo Gallardo Molina, commonly known by his business moniker Krazy-8, is a drug dealer, meth distributor, and informant to the DEA.

Is Saul a bad guy?

Saul Goodman is a normal man in a dangerous world. There are many stories like this and it’s always easy to cheer for the little guy. The show follows the amazing journey that started with Jimmy McGill and has now led to Saul Goodman.

Do Skyler and Walter get divorced?

Even as her marriage crumbles, Skyler permits Walt to take care of Holly and defends some of his actions to her lawyer, who advises that she leave Walt immediately. She later finds that Walt has signed off on their divorce and left the house for good.

Why is Walter so mean to Jesse?

He’s kind of the voice of reason between the two. Walt called the neo-nazis to kill Jesse because as a prior episode is titled, he sees Jesse as a rabid dog. Jesse found out that Walt poisoned Brock and manipulated him into killing Gus. Jesse also assumed Walt killed Mike, who Jesse really cared about.

Who did Jesse melt in the bathtub?

Skyler finds his address and confronts Jesse while he is trying to dispose of Emilio, warning him that her brother-in-law is a DEA agent. Skyler doesn’t notice the corpse. Jesse does not find the specific plastic bin Walt instructed him to use, so he decides to dissolve the corpse in his upstairs bathtub.

Does Jesse ever get clean?

Jesse, who purchased the house, straight cash, with his meth earnings. That emphatic victory provided a clean break for Jesse with his family: It was the last time we heard from the Pinkmans on Breaking Bad.

Why do Tuco’s cousins crawl?

They are visiting a shrine of Santa Muerte (Saint Death). In Mexico, she is a popular folk saint/deity who is the patron saint of (among other things) drug dealers and smugglers, and is often invoked to protect against violent death. Traditionally, a worshiper would crawl on his knees on his way to visit the shrine.

Why does Walter laugh in crawl space?

But it was all worth it to set up that great moment where Walt realized there wasn’t enough money to pay for the family’s relocation, and Skyler arrived at the exact moment that he realized it and tried to explain why she did it, and Walt realized they were trapped and doomed, and he started to laugh.

Who is the best villain in Breaking Bad?

10 Most Evil Breaking Bad Villains, Ranked

  • The Twins.
  • Todd Alquist.
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle.
  • Hector Salamanca.
  • Tuco Salamanca.
  • Saul Goodman.
  • Mike Ehrmantraut.
  • Jesse Pinkman.

Is Saul a corrupt lawyer?

As the years go on, Jimmy becomes affiliated with several cartel members and becomes a sleazy, corrupt lawyer going by the name of Saul Goodman, slowly losing his morality along the way.

Does Walter’s wife cheat?