What famous person was born on February 18th?

What famous person was born on February 18th?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Dr. Dre, Cybill Shepherd, Ike Barinholtz, Isabel Leonard, John Travolta, Matt Dillon, Regina Spektor and Yoko Ono.

What does it mean if you were born on February 18?

Aquarians born on February 18 are dedicated to the art of perfection. They can transcend the mundane trivia of everyday life to become something special. They not only attract controversy — they thrive on it!

What actors are born in February?

February Celebrity Birthdays!

  • February 1. Michael C. Hall. Pauly Shore.
  • February 2. Gemma Arterton. Shakira.
  • February 3. Isla Fisher. Michael Cimino.
  • February 4. Rob Corddry. George A.
  • February 5. Michael Sheen. Michael Mann.
  • February 6. Dane DeHaan. Charlie Heaton.
  • February 7. Chris Rock. Miguel Ferrer.
  • February 8. Seth Green. Cecily Strong.

Is February an unlucky month?

Because Romans believed even numbers to be unlucky, each month had an odd number of days, which alternated between 29 and 31. But, in order to reach 355 days, one month had to be an even number. February was chosen to be the unlucky month with 28 days.

What is the rarest birthday in February?

February 29 And if you were born in the 20th century, you’ll likely relate to these Photos That Kids Born After 2000 Will Never Understand.

Why is Feb short?

The Romans believed that even numbers were unlucky, so the length of the months in Pompilius’ calendar alternated between 29 or 31 days. However, the length of the calendar year meant that the final month – February – was left with only 28.

How does February born behave?

February-born kids tend to be unique, creative, and generous and they may have a side to them that they don’t show the world. However, they could sometimes also be slightly aloof, detached, and quickly distracted as well.

How can I know my birth color?

How to Use Your Birth-Month Color to Balance Your Life

  1. Birth-Month Color: January. Color: Caramel.
  2. Birth-Month Color: February. Color: Sheer Lilac.
  3. Birth-Month Color: March. Color: Fair Aqua.
  4. Birth-Month Color: April.
  5. Birth-Month Color: May.
  6. Birth-Month Color: June.
  7. Birth-Month Color: July.
  8. Birth-Month Color: August.

What famous person has a birthday on February 18?

Famous February 18 Birthdays including JHope, Pierson Wodzynski, Damien Prince, Sarah-Jade Bleau, Dr. Dre and many more.

Who are some famous people born in the USA?

Alan Johnson was born on February 18, 1937 in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, USA. He is known for his work on History of the World: Part I (1981), Blazing Saddles (1974) and The Producers (1967). He died on July 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, USA. 4. Alberto Ure Alberto Ure was born on February 18, 1940 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How old is Cynthia Ferrare?

Cynthia Cristina Ferrare, the TV personality and former wife of auto executive John DeLorean, was born on February 8, 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Italian-American Catholic parents, Renata Velia (Torinesi) and Tavio C. Ferrare, a butcher. Her family relocated to Los Angeles when she was 14 years old…. 24. Cybill Shepherd