What engine is in a Piaggio Ape?

What engine is in a Piaggio Ape?

Currently two model ranges are offered: the “Ape 50” with a 49.8 cc petrol engine and the larger “Ape TM” which comes available with a 218 cc petrol engine or a 422 cc diesel engine.

What is the CC of ape auto?

597.7 cc

Type Single Cylinder, Naturally Aspirated, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Electronic Fuel Injection Engine
Displacement 597.7 cc
Max Power 9.39 hp @ 3600 rpm
Max Torque 23.5 Nm @ 2200 ± 200 rpm

What is the engine capacity of Piaggio ape?

Piaggio Ape Specifications

Variant name Dimensions Displacement i It is the maximum capacity of an engine by volume. Usually quoted in ‘CC’ or ‘Cubic Capacity’ (1000cc = 1 Litre).
Xtra HB LPG Height (1750), Length (2965), Width (1495) 436 cc
Xtra LD LPG Height (1750), Length (2965), Width (1495) 436 cc

How fast is a Piaggio Ape?

The stats might not be impressive – top speed of about 40mph, single-cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine, 20bhp – but you’ll never have so much fun for so little cost. Anyone unfamiliar with the Ape should know that it’s Italy’s equivalent of the donkey.

How much does a Ape Auto cost?

Prices for the three-wheelers start at Rs 2.25 lakh and go up to Rs 2.56 lakh (both prices ex-showroom). At the heart of Ape HT lineup is a new 300cc water-cooled engine indigenously developed by Piaggio.

How many cylinders does Ape Auto have?

Piaggio Ape DX 3-Seater/1920/Diesel Specs & Features

Engine Single Cylinder, Naturally Aspirated, Water Cooled, Direct Injection, Electronic Fuel Injection Engine
Power 9.39 HP
Engine Cylinders 1
Max Torque 23.5 NM
No. of Tyre 3

How much does a Ape car cost?

The electric version of the Piaggio Ape — the most desirable version, in many ways! — is one of the least expensive, coming in at the equivalent of $2800. When you consider the fact that the 435cc single-cylinder Ape Plus diesel costs about $3500, it makes the E-City look even better.

What is the top speed of ape Xtra LD CNG?

Displacement. 436 cc.

  • Max Power. 7.45 bhp @ 3000 rpm.
  • Max Torque. 18 Nm @ 2400-2200 rpm.
  • Clutch. Multi Disc Wet Type.
  • Gearbox. 4-Speed.
  • Fuel Tank. 10 Litres.
  • Gradeability. 22 %
  • Max Speed. 36 km/h.
  • What is the mileage of Piaggio auto?

    Product Specification

    Brand Piaggio Ape
    Mileage 31 Kmpl
    Seating Capacity 3+1
    Model No Ape Auto DX
    Engine Power 9.39/ 599 Cc/ 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Air Cooled

    What license do I need to drive a Piaggio Ape?

    Ape TM can be driven with an A or B class driver’s licence and is also available as a chassis version for outfitting with special equipment.

    What is the payload of Piaggio ape Xtra LD?

    537 Kgs
    Key Specifications of Ape BS-IV Xtra LD Diesel BS-IV

    Power 8.04
    GVW 975 kg
    Engine 435 cc
    Fuel Tank 10.5 Ltr
    Payload 537 Kgs

    How much is a Piaggio Ape?

    What licence do I need for a 3 wheel scooter?

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