What does Yamaha TZR mean?

What does Yamaha TZR mean?

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What company made the Tzr?

Yamaha TZR125

Manufacturer Yamaha
Production 1987 – 1997
Class Sport bike

How fast is a Yamaha TZR 50?

70-80 mph
Summary of owners’ reviews The engine is amazing, getting 70-80 mph out of a 50!! With Yamaha quality and reliability is a given, so nothing to worry about there.

How fast is a Tzr 250?

Yamaha TZR 250 Top speed 120mph is thought to be the top speed of the TZR 250, but this would be condition dependent and varies among sources.

Does Yamaha still make the Tzr 50?

2004: Yamaha TZR50 discontinued.

Is the Tzr 50 a good bike?

Reliability & build quality. The Yamaha TZR50 is fairly standard and trustworthy Yamaha fare. Don’t go looking for any gilt and glitter but you won’t need to worry too much about thrashing it through winter and back either. That said, the Yamaha TZR50 still needs cleaning and looking after.

How many CC’s does a Yamaha TZR 125R Belgarda have?

Make Model Yamaha TZR 125R Belgarda Year 1991 – 92 Engine Two stroke, single cylinder, read valve, Capacity 124 cc / 7.6 cu-in Bore x Stroke 56.4 x 50 mm

Is the Yamaha TZR a learner’s bike?

Indeed, on a smooth surface the only indication that you’re on a learner bike is the limited power which would be useful in picking the TZR out of a corner. Without careful swapping of cogs the power isn’t always there when needed, leading to oversteer occasionally purely for lack of rear wheel propulsion. Finish is good on the diminutive Yamaha.

Is the Suzuki RG125 the first derestrictable 125 in the world?

Yes, the real revelation is that this is the first Japanese sports 125 to join the Cagiva Mitos and Aprilia Sport-Pros of this world by being easily and officially derestrictable, free of charge by your dealer on presentation of your full licence. In fact, Suzuki is also due to join the fun by making its RG125 available in full-power form too.

Can you be a hero on the new TZR125R?

ANYONE CAN BE A HERO on the new TZR125R – even if the last time you scraped your knee was when you walked into the oven door. The sharpest handling since Edward Scissor hands, the grip of Arnold Schwarzenegger and yet barely enough power to crush a grape adds up to a cocktail that could make anyone look cool.