What does Versace Bright Crystal Absolu smell like?

What does Versace Bright Crystal Absolu smell like?

Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Bright Crystal Absolu was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. Top notes are Pomegranate, Yuzu and Water Notes; middle notes are Peony, Raspberry, Lotus and Magnolia; base notes are Musk, Mahogany and Amber.

Is Versace Bright Crystal Absolu good?

Most Helpful Positive Review I love this perfume! It’s got a bit more of a fruity scent to it compared to the original Bright Crystal. It’s one of the most lovely fragrances I’ve ever worn and I’m always getting compliments on how good it smells. I highly recommend if you like floral/sweet scents.

Is Bright Crystal Absolu the same as Bright Crystal?

Bright Crystal is more floral, with stronger citrus, and muskiness. Absolu is sweeter, fruitier, and while it brings the peony…it lacks the same yuzu strength.

Is Versace Bright Crystal perfume long lasting?

Versace Bright Crystal stays true to its notes and is not a pain in the nose 😀 It does smell a bit of musk in the base note (I hate musk), but its not too obvious and combines with other smells, so its quite a pleasurable perfume to wear till the end. Lasting Power: Its a very long-lasting perfume.

What is Absolu perfume?

Absolu is a floral and fruity fragrance with a musk note. The amazing vibrancy of yuzu immediately stands out between coloured and juicy pomegranate seeds creating an unusual freshness, pure and natural.

Is Versace Bright Crystal popular?

Bright crystal and yellow diamond are the most popular fragrances by Versace.

How do I know if my Versace perfume is real?

To make sure that you can easily verify the authenticity of Versace items we have developed an online authentication system. You may authenticate each item you have purchased through its product label by tapping the NFC tag with your phone.

What does Absolu smell like?

Anyway, AdG Absolu, opens with the citrus notes, some pear/apple, wood, sea water, and tonka bean. It’s a very fresh aquatic, but is grounded with the woody notes, and doesn’t get too far into just being a citrus water fragrance; like so many others.

Where is Versace Bright Crystal made?

Made in Italy Versace ‘Bright Crystal’ captures the citrusy scents of Yuzu, a plant originated from East Asia. This perfume has a floral heart. Perfect for that fresh and sensual scent. The amber-musk base blends the floral scents into a bright, refreshing aroma.

How long does Giorgio Armani Absolu last?

Longevity is also quite good, but not amazing. 8 or so hours is what I get out of it on my skin, it can go a bit longer, depending on the climate that day. Update: Testing it out further, it can go up to 9, but that’s rare.

How long does Bright Crystal last?

A spritz of Versace Bright Crystal will last 4 to 5 hours.