What does FYNA stand for?

What does FYNA stand for?

FYNA. What is it: For your necessary action.

What does BCT in email mean?

Meaning. BCT. by copy to. BCT. Beer Cup Throw (Facebook game)

What does N stand for money?

N stands for Nigerian Naira (national currency)

What does TB mean in email?

TB. Text Back (text messaging)

What is Fyba?

the first year B.A. Examination and has satisfactorily kept the terms for the second year and also two terms for the. third year of B.A. satisfactorily in a college affiliated to this University. The structure will be as under F.Y. Bachelor of Arts (Skill Based) (F.Y. B.A. (Skill Based) ) I.

What does FYIP mean?


Acronym Definition
FYIP For Your Information Please
FYIP Five/Future Year Instrumentation Program
FYIP First Year Investment Programme (Ghana)

What is BCT short for?


Acronym Definition
BCT Basic Cadet Training (United States Air Force Academy)
BCT Body-Centered Tetragonal
BCT Bachelor of Computer Technology (degree; various locations)
BCT Business and Community Training (various locations)

What does BCT stand for?

Basic Cadet Training, initial military training for new cadets at the United States Air Force Academy. Basic Combat Training.

What is the short form of million?

Abbreviated Forms

Number North America Rarer Forms
thousand K thsnd(.), M
million M mil(.), mill(.), mln(.), MM
billion B bil(.), bill(.), bln(.)
trillion T tril(.), trill(.), trn(.), tln(.)

What does a$ mean in money?

Australian dollars
For other dollar currencies, ‘$’ should be prefixed with the country abbreviation. Full version. Abbreviation. Australian dollars. A$

What does TB mean in office?

TB Business Abbreviation

30 TB
2 TB t.b. Finance, Accounting, Balance
2 TB Accounting, Accounting, Accountancy
2 TB Property, Organization, Institution
2 TB Telecom, Terminal, Product

What is Fyba Syba and Tyba?

Hi Khytati, it is First Year Bachelor of Arts,Second Year Bachelor of Arts and Third Year Bachelor of Arts. I hope you are clear now. Hi Khytati, it is First Year Bachelor of Arts,Second Year Bachelor of Arts and Third Year Bachelor of Arts.

How many subjects are there in Fyba?

6 subjects
1. A student has to study 6 subjects in all. 2. Compulsory English is a Compulsory paper.

What does BTC stand for?

Acronym. Definition. BTC. Bitcoin (digital currency)

What is BCT in corrugated?

A Box Compression Test (BCT) looks at the problem a little differently. Instead of expressing the strength of the corrugated board without consideration of the product it’s carrying or the format of the box, BCT values communicate the performance that a company needs to get out of that particular piece of packaging.

Is it M or MM for million?

M is the Roman numeral for thousand and MM is meant to convey one thousand-thousand — or million. To take it further; one billion would be shown as $1MMM or one-thousand million.

What is M in money?

What is the abbreviation for million in financial statements?

The company’s financial statements indicated a $12M loss. Readers could easily interpret this as a $12 million loss, though the financial professional might mean $12,000. On financial statements that used M to indicate thousand, the common practice was to abbreviate million as MM.

What is the abbreviation for billion?

Common Billion Abbreviations 1 bil/bil. 2 bill/bill. 3 bln./bln. Review a few examples of sentences that feature common abbreviations for billion. The company I work for is worth $25 B dollars.

What is the Roman numeral for million?

It stands for 1000 times 1000 (which would calculate out to one million), this is abbreviated to M * M, but without the multiplication sign, thus becoming MM. To add to the potential for misunderstanding, MM is not the Roman numeral for million. It is actually the Roman Numeral for 2,000.

What is the meaning of the name million?

Definition of million: The word million can be an adjective or a noun and refers to the number one thousand thousands.