What does cold as ice mean?

What does cold as ice mean?

be extremely cold
to be extremely cold: Feel my toes – they’re as cold as ice.

What is the sentence of as cold as ice?

‘For example, a person may complain of feeling as if they have a constant lump in the throat, feeling as if they must sigh all the time, feeling inappropriate anger, or that their lower body is as cold as ice, or that they are anxious all the time. ‘ ”They’re dead,’ he said in a voice as cold as ice. ‘

Who wrote Cold As Ice song?

Lou GrammMick Jones
Cold as Ice/Composers

When was cold as ice?

“Cold as Ice” is a 1977 song by British-American rock band Foreigner from their eponymous debut album. It became one of the best known songs of the band in the US, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Is cold as ice a compliment?

If a person or their words are as cold as ice, they are very unfriendly. The next morning she sat, cold as ice, through breakfast.

Is cold as ice a metaphor?

A simile is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as. The dictionary’s example is “cheeks like roses.” Other examples are “sly as a fox,” “old as dirt,” and “an expression as cold as ice.” A simile compares two items, a metaphor equates two items.

What is the simile of as cold as ice?

Cold-as-ice definition (simile) Very cold. adjective.

What is a simile for cold?

1. Cold as a dog’s nose. —Anonymous. 2. Cold as a frog.

When did Kelly Hansen join Foreigner?

Hansen joined Foreigner in 2005, after Lou Gramm left in 2003 due to continuing conflicts with Mick Jones. Hansen is the third lead singer of Foreigner, with Lou Gramm and Johnny Edwards being Hansen’s predecessors. Hansen divides his time between two homes in Los Angeles – one in Calabasas and the other in Malibu.

What is the meaning of as light as a feather?

Extremely lightweight
Extremely lightweight. This simile can be used to refer either to physical weight, as in This load is light as a feather, or to texture, as in This cake is light as a feather. [ Mid-1500s]

What is the meaning of the simile his hands were as cold as ice?

Consider the following example: “His hands were as cold as ice.” How close is this comparison? You have hands, and you have ice. The hands are AS COLD AS ice, but they are NOT ice. The hands are cold in the same way that ice is cold. That’s a simile.

What is the metaphor for cold?

As cold as ice. Cold as a dog’s nose. Cold as a January night.

What is a good metaphor for cold?

Cold as the night-dews on the world. Cold as a fireless hearth. Cold as a fish. Cold as a mountain in its star-pitched tent.

What is a metaphor for cold?

Cold as when death’s foot shall pass. Cold as a dead man’s nose. Cold as a snowball. My belly is as cold as if I had swallowed snowballs for pills to cool the veins.

What does cold mean in slang?

attractive. That boy is cold! See more words with the same meaning: attractive.

What nationality is Foreigner?

Foreigner is a British-American rock band, originally formed in New York City in 1976 by veteran British guitarist and songwriter Mick Jones and fellow Briton and ex-King Crimson member Ian McDonald, along with American vocalist Lou Gramm….Foreigner (band)

Website foreigneronline.com

What is as green as grass?

[British] completely inexperienced or naive. The job we had to do was wholly new, and we were all as green as grass.

What does it mean to be as blind as a bat?

unable to see well at all
Definition of (as) blind as a bat informal. : unable to see well at all : having very poor vision Without glasses I’m blind as a bat.

Is as cold as ice a metaphor?