What do you mean fluctuate?

What do you mean fluctuate?

to shift back and forth uncertainly
Definition of fluctuate 1 : to shift back and forth uncertainly Oil prices fluctuated. Temperatures fluctuated. 2 : to rise and fall in or as if in waves The boat fluctuated on the rough sea. transitive verb. : to cause to fluctuate.

Does fluctuate mean increase or decrease?

if prices, levels, or interest rates fluctuate, they go up and down: Inflation has fluctuated in recent months along with oil prices.

What happens when something fluctuates?

Something that fluctuates varies or changes — it’s the opposite of steady. Like the ups and downs of the stock market or the relationship status of a Hollywood starlet. Fluctuate is a verb that describes movement, sometimes irregular, but often rising and falling in a wave-like pattern.

How do you use fluctuations?

How to use Fluctuated in a sentence

  1. The number of other cattle has fluctuated somewhat, but there were 917,000 in 1910 as against 623,722 in 1850.
  2. Magic fluctuated around her, sometimes pounding her and sometimes absent.

What is a good sentence with the word fluctuate?

How to use Fluctuate in a sentence. The opinions of present-day economists appear to fluctuate between these two extremes. The price will fluctuate greatly between online sellers. The arrivals fluctuate greatly in number from year to year, influenced by the prevailing economic conditions in the country.

What is a fluctuation in science?

noun. continual change from one point or condition to another. wavelike motion; undulation. Genetics. a body variation due to environmental factors and not inherited.

What is the adverb of fluctuate?

Definition of fluctuatingly : with fluctuation : in a fluctuating manner.

What are some synonyms for fluctuate?

synonyms for fluctuate

  • oscillate.
  • seesaw.
  • vary.
  • veer.
  • waver.
  • alter.
  • alternate.
  • flutter.

How do you use the word fluctuate in a sentence?

How to use Fluctuate in a sentence

  1. The opinions of present-day economists appear to fluctuate between these two extremes.
  2. The price will fluctuate greatly between online sellers.
  3. The arrivals fluctuate greatly in number from year to year, influenced by the prevailing economic conditions in the country.

What is fluctuate in biology?

Abstract. A general relationship between fluctuation and response in a biological system is presented. The fluctuation is given by the variance of some quantity, whereas the response is given as the average change of that quantity for a given parameter change.

What is fluctuation of energy?

Fluctuations of energy: The variations of energy above and below the mean resisting torque line are called fluctuations of energy. Coefficient of fluctuation of energy: It may be defined as the ratio of the maximum fluctuation of energy to the work done per cycle.

What are the types of fluctuations?

It is necessary to differentiate between two kinds of fluctuations: Regular or cyclical fluctuation: refers to different periods of growth or decrease that occur over time, respecting a pattern. Irregular fluctuation: it does not obey foreseeable changes, and they occur due to different external effects.

What is the opposite of fluctuating?

Opposite of quick or likely to change consistently. certain. changeless. constant. immutable.

What does fluctuation mean in business?

Business fluctuations are increases and decreases in economic activity, as measured by increases and decreases in real GDP. A recession (or contraction) is defined as a decrease in real GDP of at least two consecutive quarters (6 months). An expansion is any period of time during which real GDP is increasing.

What is a fluctuating cycle?

Menstrual cycles are dynamic. The length of your cycle, the heaviness of your period, and the symptoms you experience can all fluctuate. These variations are usually normal and healthy. In some cases though, they can point to something more serious, like a medical condition that needs your attention.

What does natural fluctuation mean?

1 : a motion like that of waves especially : the wavelike motion of a fluid collected in a natural or artificial cavity of the body observed by palpation or percussion. 2a : a slight and nonheritable variation especially : such a variation occurring in response to environmental factors.

What does “flactuate” mean?

“Core” inflation takes the full basket of goods in the CPI and subtracts food and fuel, whose fluctuating prices are driven by factors largely beyond the reach of economic policymakers. Meanwhile, “trimmed mean” inflation is calculated by excluding the biggest outliers in both directions and taking an average of the rest.

How do you spell fluctuate?

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How to use “fluctuate” in a sentence?

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How do you spell fluxuate?


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