What cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2022?

What cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2022?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2022 Tour Events

  • TUESDAY, MAY 10 — Cheekwood Estate & Gardens | Nashville, TN.
  • TUESDAY, MAY 31 — Idaho Botanical Garden | Boise, ID.
  • TUESDAY, JUNE 14 — Santa Fe’s Museum Hill | Santa Fe, NM.
  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 — Filoli | Woodside, CA.
  • TUESDAY, JULY 12 — Shelburne Museum | Shelburne, VT.

How do I get something appraised on Antiques Roadshow?

For information about possible upcoming tours, you can contact ANTIQUES ROADSHOW directly by calling their toll free hotline at 1-888-762-3749 or by emailing them at Antiques Roadshow Contact Form.

How do you get on Antiques Roadshow 2020?

‘Antiques Roadshow’ will visit five cities in 2020 If you want to have an item appraised, you can enter a ticket lottery. If you win, you’ll get entry to the event, but that’s no guarantee you’ll be on the show. Only the items with the most compelling stories are selected for filmed segments.

Is Antique Roadshow still in production?

Produced by GBH, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is seen by around 6 million viewers each week, airing Mondays at 8/7c PM on PBS. Part adventure, part history lesson, part treasure hunt, 19-time Emmy® Award nominated ANTIQUES ROADSHOW begins its 26th broadcast season in 2022 and is the highest-rated ongoing primetime PBS series.

How much is a video call with Dr Lori?

Video Call – 30 minutes @ $199 Use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc. to connect with Dr. Lori and get your antiques, thrift store finds and other stuff valued. Take her shopping with you too live in the store!

How can I get antiques appraised for free?

Four Ways to Get a Free, Local Appraisal

  1. Attend Appraisal Day at a Local Auction House.
  2. Go to a Major Local Antique Show.
  3. Attend a Visiting Appraisal Show.
  4. Ask Antique Shops and Auction Houses.
  5. Know the Item’s History.
  6. Check Scope of Appraisal Before Going.
  7. Remember Free Appraisal Limitations.
  8. Selling Your Appraised Antique.

What cities will ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visit in 2021?

The show, which remains the public broadcaster’s highest rated ongoing series, will visit five locations – Middletown, CT, Bretton Woods, NH, Long Island, NY, Williamsburg, VA and Hamilton, NJ – between August and October. This marks the 26th season of the show, which is produced by GBH.

Where is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW filmed?

Brodie Castle, Morayshire Scotland’s castle will welcome the team and ticket holders on Tuesday, June 14. Apply for tickets or the wait list online.

What is the most valuable item ever on Antiques Roadshow?

However, in 2016, due to the uniqueness of the watch and its history, the Patek Philippe pocket watch sold for $1.5m at Sotheby’s, making it the most expensive item on Antiques Roadshow in the US.

What is Dr. Lori’s PHD in?

in art and antiques history
D. in art and antiques history and has decades of museum experience with antiques appraised worth over $100 million. Presents 150 events every year to audiences for more than 20 years. Award-winning media personality and expert, author, and internationally syndicated columnist.

Is Dr. Lori real?

Lori Ann Verderame /ˌvɜːrdəˈreɪm/ (born January 11, 1965), known professionally as Dr. Lori, is an American appraiser of antiques, collectibles, and fine art; she is also a television personality, public speaker, author, professor and museum curator and director.

How do I find out how much something is worth?

Search for your item on eBay or Google to find the price of similar things, or upload a picture of it to a valuation website, where experts will estimate your item’s worth. Then, if you want a professional opinion, talk to a certified appraiser or take your piece to a local antiques store.

Does antique Roadshow do online appraisals?

Can I get an appraisal online or from photos I mail to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW? No, we only appraise items in person, at ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal events.

Which Antiques Roadshow expert dies?

He appeared as an expert on other BBC TV antiques programmes such as 20th Century Roadshow, Priceless Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt….Graham Lay.

Graham Charles Lay
Died 27 November 2016 (aged 56)
Occupation Military antiques expert
Years active 1988–2016
Television Antiques Roadshow

Is Dr. Lori legitimate?

Dr. Lori is an internationally known antiques appraiser and author with a doctorate in art history. Dr. Lori presents antique appraisal events around the world.

Is Dr. Lori a real doctor?

Lori holds a Ph. D. from Penn State University and presents 150 antiques appraisal events every year to crowds worldwide, reviewing approximately 20,000 items every year.

How much is a video call with Dr. Lori?

Is there an app for valuing antiques?

The WorthPoint app is from WorthPoint Corporation the global leader in value and reference information on art, antiques and collectibles.